About The RERS Group

The RERS Group operates in a number of sectors through various companies and brands but with a common desire to be the best at what we do. We have been trading for nearly a quarter of a century with our first company being formed in 1997.

Our key growth driver is our consumer brands division and we focus on innovative and exciting products and look to be at the cutting edge of new trends and developments. For example, we were the first to bring argan oil beauty products to the mainstream UK market back in 2010 with the launch of Simply Argan. At that time argan oil was virtually unheard of in the UK and there were no argan oil beauty products to be found in any high street shops or major retailers. Now argan oil is ubiquitous across the beauty sector in the UK.

More recently we have developed the award-winning elixir SK9 beauty range, which builds on the latest research in stem-cell technology for treating burns and we continue to work on more cutting-edge technological innovations at our SK9N division.

Clean Wine is another example. Following the latest research into why a significant number of people suffer worse after drinking wine compared to other alcoholic beverages, we developed a solution. Clean Wine is a cost effective and safe way of treating wine to reduce the effects of a hangover and is already helping many thousands of people.

All of this has been achieved through a commitment to significant and ongoing investment in research and development. At the core of this and located in the heart of Cheshire is The RERS Group Laboratory where we conduct research and develop the products of tomorrow.

Although the Group is an eclectic mix of brands, the key to success of any business is its people. We leverage and pool talent across the Group, utilising natural synergies to create successful and innovative businesses. Whether it is products we sell or services we offer; whether our customer is a business or our customer is a consumer; whether the job is big or the job is small, our philosophy is always to strive for excellence, and, through our team, we deliver that.

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