Discover The Sweetest Way To Lose Weight

Healthy Eating Never Tasted So Sweet

Reduce the amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners in your diet with SkinniB. Our natural, organic, non-GMO miracle berries transform healthy, but bitter foods, into delicious delights, letting you lose weight without sacrificing sweet treats.

Miracle berries are filled with miraculin, the glycoprotein which changes how you experience taste. Miraculin coats your taste buds and blocks the ability to taste sour foods and alters how you experience other flavours, particularly bitter and salty food.

Getting Started With SkinniB Berries

After buying a pack of SkinniB Berries or SkinniB Tablets (made from only natural miracle berry powder and corn-starch) you can now start experiencing food like you never have before.

For tablets, suck on it like a cough sweet, do not chew it, allowing it to dissolve and coat your mouth.

For berries, simply remove the seed from the berry and chew the berry, ensuring your mouth is completely coated.

SkinniB Works Best With…

Lemons: Tastes like lemonade, squeeze lemon juice into sparkling water for a delicious calorie free drink.

Limes: Makes limes taste as sweet and delicious as orange, you’ll want to peel and eat an entire lime.

Apples: Reduce the tartness of apples, amplifing the sweeter flavours of the apple.

Pineapples: Simply delicious. Makes pineapple taste like a sweet.

Strawberries: Makes even the blandest, unripe strawberries burst with sweetness and flavour.

Hot Sauce: Taste the peppers and the layers of textured flavours, not just the heat.

Chili Peppers: Remove the spices from the pepper and enjoy the sweeter, floral tastes of the pepper.

Coffee: Add a squeeze of lemon juice to your coffee and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with no sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

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