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Everything You Need To Know About Argan Oil

How Argan Oil can benefit your routine…

By Simply Argan | Updated on 22/06/2022

Described as a miracle oil for skin, hair and nails, the finest, pure, organic argan oil has incredible natural qualities for both anti-ageing and revitalisation.

Reducing the signs of ageing in skin, by evening skin tone and reducing fine lines as well as repairing damaged skin, hair and nails – argan oil earns its renowned praise as the natural anti-ageing cosmetic product.


Think of argan oil as food for your skin. You know it is essential for your body to be nourished with vitamins and minerals and the same is true for your skin. In todays world your skin may suffer deprivation of its natural oils and nutrition because of environmental stresses from such things as detergents, pollutants and the over-use of makeup. In turn, this deprives your skin of the necessary levels of collagen and hydration and leads to premature ageing.

The anti-ageing properties of argan oil are well documented and arise from its natural composition of vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. These help to restore the skins lipid layer, protecting the skin from premature ageing. In addition, free radicals are eliminated from the skin by the oils natural anti-oxidant properties, thereby reducing the stress and damage that these can cause.

Fine lines and wrinkles, the primary signs of ageing, are due to a failure of the skin to produce adequate collagen and from a weakening of the skins elastin. Argan oil is naturally packed full of ingredients that help improve the elasticity of the skin making it more supple and smoother. In turn, this helps reduce the appearance of ageing and wrinkles, helping you to turn back time.


Skin is not the only thing to benefit from the nutrients found in the oil. Argan oil on hair gives health back to your head with shine and moisture through the rich nutrients, fatty acids and powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E. Hair can become damaged overtime through washing, heat and styling, but the fatty acids in argan oil stop the breakage of these brittle strands and keep it protected from further wear and tear.

The natural and rich composition of argan oil makes it a versatile product which also works wonders on nails, hair and lips.

The Best Argan Oil

There are different qualities and purities of argan oil, just like with any oil. To create the highest quality Argan products, only the best argan nuts from the crop should be selected. The result is a high-quality, beneficial argan oil with a mild, pleasant nutty aroma.

Argan Oil is rich in tocopherols (vitamin E), anti-oxidants, phenols, carotenes (vitamin A), squalene, and five essential fatty acids. 100% pure, natural & organic argan oil contains absolutely no artificial colouring, preservatives or perfumes and is vegan & cruelty free.

How To Use

Skin, Nails and Lips

Massage into the skin, nails and lips as part of a daily routine. It should be non-greasy and absorb well into the skin.

A comedogenic rating of 0 means it will not block pores and, contrary to what you may think, it actually helps with oily skin, reducing spots and acne by regulating the production of sebum.

Only a small quantity of 2 or 3 drops is required which should be warmed in clean hands and gently massaged into the required area in an upwards and outwards circular motion on the skin with the fingertips.

For lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, age spots, redness and dehydrated skin and lips, massage more generous amounts into the affected areas.

For dry and damaged hair, to reduce frizziness or to improve its natural shine

Rub a small amount into the hair starting at the roots and massage to the ends. Leave on for around 30 minutes and then shampoo out. For damaged or very dry hair you can leave argan oil on hair overnight before washing out in the morning.

For a luxury bath

Around 5ml of argan oil should be added to some water before the bath is fully filled to ensure an equal consistency.


Nourishing, rehydrating and rejuvenating. With regular daily use noticeable benefits will be seen within a few weeks.

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