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elixir SK9 bio-serum – 15ml

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Over the last two years our laboratory has been advancing breakthrough technology, developed to treat burns, to create elixir SK9. elixir SK9 utilises the skin's own renewal mechanism by activating its own stem cells to naturally regenerate the skin. It is a botanically derived formula, that marries science and nature, to produce a bio-serum that significantly reduces lines and wrinkles (including stretch marks) in just 7 days.

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The skin naturally regenerates by a process that starts in the hypodermis (the lower layer of the skin where fat is stored).  Adipose derived stem cells in the hypodermis constantly rise to generate new skin at the epidermis (the surface of the skin).  However, with ageing this process slows thinning the top layer of the skin, causing wrinkles and lines.

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elixir SK9 works by prompting the growth factor that regulates the production of the skins stem cells and thereby uses the skins own renewal mechanism to naturally regenerate the skin. This increase in new skin cells acts to re-build the top layer of the skin making it thicker, healthier and more plump. With this mode of action elixir SK9 works to maintain healthy, youthful looking skin and, in older skin, to reverse the signs of ageing.

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Massage into clean skin thoroughly for at least two minutes daily. Allow to absorb naturally. Use sparingly.


After just seven days of application there will be a significant improvement in the condition of the skin resulting in smoother, healthier and more youthful looking skin.


argania spinosa kernel oil, simmondsia chinensis, prunus amygdalus dulcis, caprylic/capric triglyceride, rosa canina fruit oil, isopropyl palmitate, anthemis nobilis flower extract, dalbergia sissoo, lavandula angustifolia, commiphora myrrha nees, boswellia serrata, pelargonium graveolens, pogostemon cablin leaf oil, vetiveria zizanoides, lecithin, swertia chirata extract, citral*, citronellol*, coumarin*, d-limonene*, eugenol*, farnesol*, geraniol*, linalool*,  *naturally occurring in essential oils

72 reviews for elixir SK9 bio-serum – 15ml

  1. Samantha Fowles

  2. Cecilia

    I’m 72 and really love this serum and was luck to get to try it during the trial period – it’s really improved my wrinkles and it’s nice and light on your skin

  3. Jane

    I love the new elixir, it has really made a difference to my skin’s complexion. It feels fresher and my lines looked so much less after just one week. I will definitely be buying the product when it comes out. I have used simply argan for years and love it but this is another level

  4. Helen Neale

    This has reduced lines & wrinkles, especially around the eye area and my skin is more conditioned and softer. I will not be going back to other products and would not buy anything else now. I just love it.

  5. Annmarie Parker

    Me & my mum both recently tried the elixir SK9 as part of the trial and immediately my mum noted her skin felt smoother & softer! After regular use the lines on my forehead are definitely reduced – and I feel pampered every morning & evening too! If you are looking for a premium skincare experience to refine and smooth, reduce the appearance of fine lines I can’t recommend using this Simply Argan product enough. It truly delivers!

  6. Kim Kumar

    Great product that really works and diminished fine lines around my eyes. My skin feels plumper, softer and healthier with a more evened out tone. Try it to believe it!

  7. Tracey Mull

    After one week of use my skin had plumped up and lines were smoother.

  8. Dawn Bailey

    Noticed a difference and improvement with my skin when I stated to using it over the course of a month

  9. Hanna

    This feels great on the skin and has definitely reduced my wrinkles

  10. Jenny Langslow

    The results were brilliant and I saw results almost immediately with my fine lines – I love it x

  11. Renee Leong

    The stem cell elixir serum helped me tremendously with my fine lines. I noticed my skin started brightening up and results were very quick to see. I recommended it to a friend who was also lucky enough to get onto the trial and she reported the same result, which I could see for myself!

  12. Joanne Gilmore

    I used the product for 1 month as part of the trial and it has left my skin firmer and smoother and my fine lines and wrinkles have noticeably diminished. I would recommend this product

  13. A C

    This is a great product with great results. It is lovely to use and smells gorgeous, massaging it in is a treat and my skin feels and looks smoother, moisturised and lines have reduced. I was sceptical but I am converted. I have never used a product that has made such a difference in such a short time. However, it is pricey, I guess the bottle will last a couple of months. The cost is ok on promotion but it is hard to think I would not use it so just have to fork out for it. I won’t have to keep buying stuff that doesn’t work I suppose.

  14. M Shakibai

    Another winner. I bought the new SK9 product a week ago, already I have noticed an improvement! My skin has been badly affected by a new medication I have been taking. I can honestly say I did not not expect to see a difference in a week. Everyone tells me how much better I look! Well done Simply Argan, you have managed to come up with an exceptional product. Ladies try this for yourselves and see what I mean!

  15. Janet Brown

    Used for 7 days daily as directed and it has definetly worked to noticeably reduce the lines around my eyes. I would definely re-purchase and recommend.

  16. Elle

    Had to get another SK9 elixir to make sure I had another one as a backup & I’ve only just started using it!! I’ve taken photos of the lines & wrinkles then I will compare them when I have finished the first pump bottle but it’s looking promising already! Only a slight amount but it’s only been a short while so It’s going in the right direction. I feel full of promise with this as they would not have brought this product out if it wasn’t ready for market. Can’t wait to finish the first bottle but you only need a small amount so it could take a while!!

  17. Maggie Fisher

    I have been using SK9 elixir for a week now along with the argon moisturiser and I have very happy skin at last. I have an autoimmune disease which plays havoc with my skin but the above combination of argon products has sorted it out and I am also seeing fewer wrinkles already. Just a week ago I had red patches, dry patches and a lot of lines which were getting deeper. Now my skin is baby soft and looks younger, can’t wait to see what happens in a month! Thank you simply argon.

  18. Elizabeth Wheatley

    I have used Simply Argan for years and I did not think their product could get any better.. I mean, how do improve on perfect! Well they have done it. They have created an anti-ageing oil which utilizes stem cells to turn back the ravishes of time. It feels amazing on my skin and it smells delicious.. You should give this one a try, I promise you will not be disappointed

  19. Susan Morrison

    I really & truly wanted to believe that this product would help lessen lines & wrinkles – which sadly I do not feel it has The smell is absolutely wonderful as is the feel of the product – makes the skin feel lovely – but sadly no reduction in lines I will probably purchase this again in the vain hope it will work over time

  20. Rhona

    Too early to say as only been using it for a short time. I took a before photograph and will compare with the after photograph in a months time. The smell and texture is lovely. I already use the Argan night oil and the FDN intensive day oil and am delighted with them. Very glad you’re now selling the refills. Brilliant. Rhona from Fife.

  21. Doris Minter

    First of all I must congratulate you for a continuously outstanding customer service – one feels valued and cherished! Elixir SK9 is my favourite amongst the Simply Argan range of oils, all of which I LOVE! It is the best of quality and it leaves my skin glowing and looking young on application. It is still too early to comment on the impact on deeper wrinkles and lines, but I have received some compliments on my skin already. I quickly bought a second bottle with the great discount offered and am very much looking forward to the future using it.

  22. K Gregory

    I have been using the new Elixir SK9 for a week now, I have noticed a difference in my skin during this time, it is clearer and brighter, I look forward to seeing further results over the coming weeks, a great company to deal with, although I do agree with a previous review that said the website was poor, I think it could be easier to use.

  23. Barbara J

    The product is great

  24. Sue Holden

    Love the new Elixir – I’ve been using elixir sk9 for nearly a week. The first thing I noticed is the wonderful smell which lingers throughout the day without irritating my sensitive skin. The oil is light and easily absorbed. My fine lines and wrinkles appear a lot smoother after just a short time. I am looking forward to continuing results over the next few weeks. Highly recommended. Thank you Simply Argan for this excellent product.

  25. Elizabeth Mellanby

    Excellent. Love this, it smells lovely and is a treat to massage in. My skin feels so smooth and noticed an improvement in my skin straight away. It looks smoother and lines have blurred after using it for a week. Have bought again at introductory price as it is pricey and is a small bottle but only a tiny amount is needed.

  26. Joyce Smith

    This is a wonderful product which I have now been using for over 2 months and can see a real difference in my skin. I did use argan oil previously which was great but this is markedly better! My only gripe is that it is expensive, but a bottle lasts over a month.

  27. Laura A

    I’m honestly blown away by this. I’ve waited a while before reviewing as wanted to see the full results. I had deep creases around my mouth from smoking and fine lines around the eye area. After using this nightly for 4 weeks I have seen a huge improvement on the lines around my mouth and my fine lines have significantly reduced. The scent and texture of this is such a relaxing treat in the evening. I am really impressed with this product and will be a night time staple for a long time!

  28. Vivienne

    Dear sir or madam I purchased your elixir simply amazing regards Viv.

  29. Hayley

    Really lovely products to use, my complexion is so much softer and clearer since using your oils.

  30. Mrs Poole

    Luv these products and great customer service x

  31. Nicola Butler

    I love Simply Argan products, great on your skin and hair that smell really lovely and they always process your orders efficiently.

  32. Renee Laura Sears

    This promises to significantly reduce lines and wrinkles in just 7 days but sadly after 2 weeks, I haven’t seen any improvement. I really like the oil, which helps to make my complexion glow for a while after first applying but I am disappointed that the lines around my mouth especially, and elsewhere, have not improved at all. I will carry on using it in the hope that perhaps my skin is slow to respond.

  33. Rosalind McLaughlin

    I received a small sample with my first order and liked it .I then ordered the full size while on special offer and think this is a very good product.I use it at night as I believe most skin repair takes place nocturnally.I would recommend this

  34. Nancy Friberg

    I have just purchased the serum, so I cant say about the anti wrinkle effect yet, but it makes my face super soft and supple. It literally glides on the skin, highly recommend:)

  35. Rosemary Charles

    Great products I recently bought the elixir stem cell regenerative serum on my combination skin. I though oh no this is too oily. However my skin absorbed all of it and my daughter tells me my skin looks a lot better. Swift arrival too as always

  36. Rani Chandiramani

    I have been using this fabulous serum for about 3 weeks now and the results are astonishing. My daughter asked me what i have done to look so bright and radiant. I love the feel and the texture and use it at night.

  37. Cherry Gibson

    I was a little skeptical about the claims for this product but thought I would give it a go. Very glad I did its a great product and I have seen a definite improvement In skin tone and reduction in lines particularly around the mouth since using this. Excellent customer service and a free gift as well as earning points.

  38. Jean Collins

    Love it, great quality and packaging, such luxuries and feel great already on skin and my hair.

  39. Tracey Mold

    I have been using the Elixir SK9 bio-serum for the past 9 months and I love it! I use it every evening and it leaves my skin feeling and looking amazing. I wouldn’t be without it!

  40. Mihaela Suhaianu

    I love the smell of the elixir, at first I was only using it for the smell and didn’t think it helped with wrinkles but after a couple of months I have started to notice the difference. I am now amazed and I can’t live without it. Every night I use it and my other half always compliments me on how nice my face smells. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because of the price but I always get it as a gift for orders over £60.

  41. Lorraine Winson

    There is definitely a reduction in fine lines on my face and some improvement in my deeper “laugh lines”….(sounds so much better than “crows feet”)

  42. Sharon Sumner

    I’ve been using the elixir moisturiser and the elixir bio serum now for about 6 months. I can totally see the difference! I’ve gotten to an age where my skin is losing its elasticity but this combination is really helping smooth out any fine lines. Is a bit expensive, so I watch out for the great offers Argan have on a regular basis.

  43. Vanessa Peacock

    Fabulous products. I love every Simply Argan product I have tried. I used to spend a lot of money on branded face creams and serums and did not see the results that I have seen from Simply Argan SK9 anti ageing products. Along with their products being exceptional their customer service is top notch!

  44. Jennifer Cunningham

    Just love the range. My skin feels like silk. Great improvement. So happy.

  45. Anita

    Love the Sk19 serum, excellent service from simply argan, fabulous offers available every time I order

  46. Meera

    Really quick delivery. Love the lip balm, smells delicious. The SK9 serum really has helped my menopausal skin too, looking fresher and lines softened.

  47. Lesley Perkins

    As usual brilliant service in all aspects of quality, delivery, amazing products , sk9 range amazing. Thankyou for your good work , will be ordering again very soon.

  48. Claire Matthews

    I love Simply Argan ~ my favourite product is the original lip balm it is very effective and always my go to lip balm. They are a very efficient company and every now and again gift and send little unexpected products. I am loving my recent one ~ elixir SK9 I can honestly already see a difference in my skin. Thank you, Claire

  49. Jennifer Hughes

    I absolutely love the elixir sk9 bio-serum. My skin tone has evened out, it was quite red before, and it smells amazing!! I’d highly recommend this products for sensitive skin.

  50. Sally Sinclair

    These products are super Argan oil …. Night oil… eye gel … bio serum … toner ….hair volume cream … mascara is wonderful have tried others in between always come back to Simply Argan Thank you

  51. Lisa Macarthur

    Lovely product… prompt delivery.

  52. Ms DebbieCrawshawe790

    The elixir is brilliant and leaves my skin feeling wonderful. It has made my complexion much clearer and I am getting lots of compliments on my skin. Highly recommended

  53. Paula

    Great products and a total bargain with the offers. Prompt delivery. My only qualm is that on one of the products the elixir SK9 the top wouldn’t open properly, so the whole of the bottle opened and not the pump part, and without the pump I am going through it far too quickly! There are no visible results to my 47 year old skin (yet, though it has only been 10 days maybe I need a little longer) but I am a realist and don’t expect a miracle “cure” for a life well lived wrinkles.

  54. Leanne Dix

    Products are truly amazing. Elixir SK9 serum and cleanser are the best ever. Loyal scheme also makes me go back and order time and time again. Don’t order skin care anywhere else now

  55. Sarah

    I came across this range with a free sample in my ‘clean wine’ order. I tried the sample and immediately went to the website to make a purchase. I absolutely love the SK9 oil, I am looking forward to my first monthly subscription box. Great Customer Service from Damien too. Both on the phone and via email. Thank you Simply Argan.

  56. Adeola Fakolade

    Was easy placing the order, and it came on time. Purchased during the sales so am happy I got a bargain. Also got a good deal of extras which would have cost me at least over £60 so was definitely worth the purchase and value for money.

  57. rachel shields

    Great products and great service. I ordered the derma roller, elixir sk9 oil, Argan night oil + Argan original oil. Brilliant results I will never use any other products on my face again. Thanks simply Argan.

  58. Clare Williams

    I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks after reviving a sample which sold it to me. I love the smell it’s relaxing when used at night time. It gives my complexion a health glow and I’ve had comments I am looking well despite, since covid I’ve stopped wearing make up! I think the key is to massage it in for to minutes. I then use the argan moisturiser which blends in to my skin and feels nice and cold – amazing products . Also great service with the point system. Although I thought you earned points for leaving reviews but haven’t had these yet?

  59. Berivan Erdogan

    The argan oil is great for a soft skin. Collagen moisturiser is also good at softening skin however does not really help with wrinkles. The elixir serum is a very good moisturiser but did not reduce my wrinkles even though i have been using it everyday for 3 weeks. The derma roller is great. Lastly, i bought the eye cream to reduce dark circles and tighten the eye area but i have not seen any effects yet although its nearly been a month. Quite disappointed by that but other than that my overall experience was good. I would definitely recommend the argan oil and the derma roller. The other items might need some more time to work…

  60. Sue

    The new elixir SK9 is Gorgeous the smell is fab and my skin is so soft ,love this new serum

  61. Deirdre Gough

    I had never used products on my face and in my late 60’s I was getting jowls – not attractive! I had used Simple Argan’s oil on my body for years and loved it – in one order I was sent a sample of the SK9 Elixir…….. I tried it – why not. I was absolutely astounded. My skin looked and felt smooth and there was something about it that reduced the lines on my face. I decided to order some and see what regular use would do. After a few days the jowls started to disappear and people were saying how good I was looking and had I been on holiday. I continue to use the SK9 Elixir as well as the night oil. Honestly my skin has never looked so good – and the compliments keep coming.

  62. Joyce Widdowson

    Fantastic products, great offers.

  63. Anita Platts

    Love the serum and the night oil both products are luxurious

  64. Judith Scowcrof

    I am so happy with the results I have been getting with this serum. I use it every night and have noticed a big difference and improvement with wrinkles around my mouth and forehead. I thoroughly recommend this product

  65. Mr Neal

    Great product. Really nice on skin.

  66. Louise Jackson

    Super products and great company to deal with

  67. Sandra

    I have been using elixir for a month now and it has definitely improved my skin more than any other skin product I have used before. It is not just that it has plumped up my skin reducing my lines but my skin is more glowing and smooth to the touch. I can’t say I agree it’s expensive given the results and compared to what I have paid for products in the past. Definitely worth the money imo.

  68. Jane Smith

    I have been using elixir for just a few days and already have noticed a big difference in my skin and lines and wrinkles! I will definelty be re-buying elixir!

  69. Frances Knowles

    Simply Argan have done it again!!!! Woop woop I bought there new SK9 and it arrived beautifully boxed with a few free samples and a beautiful smelling tea light and a £5.00 gift voucher (which I have just used on my new order) my order was delivered in two days. I began using the SK9 immediately and I can see a marked difference in my completion no to mention the difference in my lip wrinkles and my deep eye and forehead wrinkles. I will use the SK9 all the time as I do with all my skin/hair/body products from argan oils. 20/10 for Simply Argan. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all there products and highly recommend them to all my friends and family. ????

  70. Carol Rotherham

    I used elixir for 8 weeks, which is how long a bottle lasted. I have noticed that my skin is clearer and brighter. Some of my deep lines have softneded and my overall appearance is much better. 5/5 for the improvements I have seen!

  71. Hazel

    It arrived quickly. I’ve been using it for a week but not notice a difference yet.

  72. Tracey Mull

    Love it, love the smell. Noticed a difference after 2 weeks of usage. Lines are noticeably smoother

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