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SK9N is the luxury skincare brand dedicated to offering effective, clinically tested products to the UK. SK9N was created to produce revolutionary skincare products by combining the latest cosmetic technology with natural ingredients. After launching the nationally acclaimed and award-winning Elixir SK9 range with simply argan, SK9N has developed an expanding range of revolutionary skincare. SK9N was launched as its own brand in late 2020 after cultivating a dedicated following through their elixir SK9 range.

SK9N is part of the RERS Group, an umbrella of brands which has been offering high quality goods and services for over 20 years. All RERS Group brands, including SK9N, trade ethically and source ingredients from sustainable resources. The RERS Group is vehemently against animal cruelty and do not, nor ever have, tested any of their products on animals. SK9N’s complete range of products are vegan friendly, containing no animal products or animal by-products.

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