What is Clean Wine for?

Clean Wine’s special formula treats wine such that it reduces, and even eliminates, the effects of a hangover after drinking it. It works by a process of “cleaning” the wine by safely removing toxic compounds that are known to aggravate hangovers.

How much does Clean Wine cost per glass?

Clean Wine costs around 9 pence per glass or less, if you take advantage of bulk discount pricing.

Who should use Clean Wine?

Anyone who wants to prevent or reduce the effects of a hangover, headache or fuzzy head the morning after drinking wine should use Clean Wine.

Is Clean Wine safe?

Yes Clean Wine is perfectly safe to add to wine and other alcoholic drinks. 

Aren't hangover cures like this just the same as those old wives' tales "hangover cures"?

There is something to be said about those Old Wives and their tales!  Many people have long suspected that ingesting certain things before or during drinking alcohol reduces the effects of a hangover.  Now research by the Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany, has confirmed what the Old Wives knew in a randomised double-blind placebo controlled intervention study; namely that certain plant extracts and vitamins have a dramatic effect on reducing hangovers (see here: https://nutrition.bmj.com/content/bmjnph/early/2020/04/01/bmjnph-2019-000042.full.pdf)

However, Clean Wine is not a hangover cure.  Rather, it treats the wine to remove chemicals that are clinically proven to cause or worsen hangovers.  The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that concentrations of certain chemicals in wine presented a 2,266 times greater risk of developing a headache than drinking wine with those chemicals removed (that is not a typo by the way; these toxic chemicals in wine increase the  risk of a headache by two thousand, two hundred and sixty six times)!  (see here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41430-019-0420-2)

Still not convinced – just read our customer reviews on the product page here.

Doesn't Clean Wine contain chemicals?

Clean Wine does not contain any toxic chemicals.

Like everything else, even water (which could chemically be termed dihydrogen monoxide), Clean Wine is made up of chemicals. That is because everything that exists is made up of one of the building blocks of nature – the chemical elements, which we all remember from school from the Periodic Table.  Therefore, any product you have ever purchased contains, and is made up of, chemicals. 

Therefore, the important question to ask is does a product contain any dangerous chemicals.  Clean Wine contains only naturally occurring chemicals and does not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals.  However, Clean Wine does remove the toxic chemicals found in wine!

Surely wine could not be sold if it contained toxic chemicals?

The authorities have long known that sulphites found in wine are detrimental to human health and are particularly bad for certain people.  It is for that reason there is a legal maximum amount of sulphites that is allowed to be in wine (200mg/litre in the UK and EU) and wine that contains just 10mg/litre must state that it contains sulphites in the UK and EU.  

Check the label, the next time you have a bottle of wine to hand, for the warning “Contains Sulphites”.

How does Clean Wine remove these toxic chemicals?

Clean Wine removes these toxic chemicals by introducing extra oxygen molecules to the wine.  This results in the molecules of oxygen attaching to the sulphites in the wine and turning them into harmless sulphates, at around the concentrations found in tap water.

I have read that there are more sulphites in a dried apricot than in a bottle of wine and so surely these chemicals can't be the cause of worse wine hangovers?

The debate around sulphites across the internet is generally badly informed with lots of myths presented as fact. There are many claims that if you are indeed sulphite intolerant then you should not be able to consume foods with high sulphite concentrations.  This is an ignorance of the biology of how sulphites interact with the body.

Eating solid foods with sulphites has a completely different effect to drinking something with sulphites.  Sulphites are chemically bound to solid food and are neutralized when they are in the gut and do not then have potential to cause allergic type symptoms.  Accordingly, there is very little absorption of sulphites from eating solid foods, which are high in sulphites.

Drinking a liquid that contains sulphites is different.  Any sulphites in wine are free to rapidly absorb in the soft tissues of the mouth before they can be neutralised in the gut.  This is made worse because sulphites are volatile (meaning turn into gas) and so enjoying the nose of the wine and then swilling the wine in the mouth, to appreciate the flavour, significantly increases the exposure and therefore potential for a reaction to sulphites.

Furthermore, the reason why sulphites make people feel unwell is not yet fully, or well, understood and therefore it is more than likely that the combination of sulphites and alcohol is a compounding aggravating factor compared to consuming sulphites without alcohol. 

Will Clean Wine work with other alcoholic drinks?

Clean Wine works by removing the harmful chemicals found in Wine.  These are also found in other alcoholic drinks and in quite high concentrations in cider and lesser so in beer.

Therefore, although Clean Wine has been specifically designed for wine it will, to a lesser extent, help prevent hangovers from certain other alcoholic drinks.

Should I do anything else to help with a hangover?

The first thing we would advocate is to drink moderately and responsibly.  Avoid binge drinking and do not use Clean Wine to drink more than you normally would.

In addition, it is always beneficial to stay hydrated and so please ensure you also drink plenty of water whilst consuming alcohol.

Is it wise to remove chemicals from wine?

Yes, these chemicals are called sulphites and are added to wine to preserve it whilst in the bottle.  However, when it has reached your glass the sulphites have done their job and can be safely removed.

What if Clean Wine does not work for me?

We are so convinced that Clean Wine works that if you say it does not reduce the effects of a hangover for you after drinking wine then we will give you a full refund!

Can I remove chemicals without using Clean Wine or without having to add anything to my wine?

Yes, you can invest in a special sulphite removing wine filter.  However, this is a much more expensive and laborious process than using Clean Wine.  Furthermore, Clean Wine can be used whilst out and about, which is when many people enjoy drinking wine.

Will using Clean Wine stop hangovers?

Hangovers are caused by a number of things, like dehydration.  If you drink too much alcohol you will still suffer these effects.  However, these effects are made worse by chemicals found in wine and removing these from the wine will eliminate hangovers for moderate consumption of wine and reduce the effects of a hangover when too much wine is consumed!

Can I add Clean Wine to a bottle of wine rather than the glass?

Yes you can.  However, we would only recommend this if you are going to drink the bottle within a day as you will be removing the preservatives from the wine and it will start to oxidise quicker (meaning it will start to spoil).

What if I accidentally put too many sprays of Clean Wine in my wine?

There is a risk your wine will oxidise and the taste will flatten.

Will adding Clean Wine affect the taste of my glass of wine?

Absolutely not.  At the recommended dosing levels there will be no noticeable difference in the taste of your wine.

What's in Clean Wine?

Clean Wine contains the following ingredients: Oxysul20+TM, Aqua, Alginate Polysaccharide, Calcium Bentonite, Citric Acid, Diatomite, Hydrogen Peroxide, L-Arginine, Polysorbate 20 Sorbitan Monolaurate, Sunflower Lecithin


Clean Wine

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