Clean Wine

Clean Wine

Hangover be Gone!


Clinically proven to reduce, or even eliminate, the effects of a hangover after drinking wine with no change in taste. Treats 100 glasses of wine from just 7p a glass

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– Clinically proven to reduce and eliminate the effects of hangovers.

– Treats 100 glasses of wine, at 7p a glass.

– Removes sulphites from all types of wines.

– Works instantly.

– No noticeable effect on the taste of the wine.

– Gluten-Free & Vegan.


Clean a glass of wine before you pour

Spray into your empty glass, pour your favourite wine, swirl, and enjoy.

Clean a glass of wine after it is poured

Spray into your full wine glass, swirl and enjoy.

Clean an entire bottle of wine

Spray directly into your bottle of wine, swirl and allow to stand for 2 minutes before pouring. (Drink the bottle within 24 hours to avoid the wine oxidising)


Champagne, long cellar and organic wines

1 spray into a 25cl glass | 3 sprays into a 75cl bottle.

Red, white, rose, and sparkling wines

1 – 2 sprays into a 25cl glass | 6 sprays into a 75cl bottle.

Sweet wines, sherries, and ports

4 sprays into a 25cl glass | 12 sprays into a 75cl bottle.

How Clean Wine Works

– Clean Wine removes the small number of toxic chemicals (sulphites) naturally found in wine.

– Clean Wine also removes the larger quantity of sulphite-based preservatives added to wine.

– Sulphites are removed by a chemical reaction within the wine, introducing an oxygen atom to the sulphites, removing these toxic chemicals with no effect on the taste of the wine.

– Sulphites have been found to increase the risk of headaches by 2266 times. Download the study here.


Oxysul20+TM, Aqua, Alginate Polysaccharide, Calcium Bentonite, Citric Acid, Diatomite, Hydrogen Peroxide, L-Arginine, Polysorbate 20 Sorbitan Monolaurate, Sunflower Lecithin


897 reviews for Clean Wine

  1. Sophia

  2. Malissa

  3. Anonymous

    I absolutely love Clean Wine! I personally use the spray to enable me to drink white wine etc, which my body would otherwise be unable to tolerate due to the sulphates. I regularly highly recommend it to others for easing hangovers too. I have been using it for years. The little spray bottle is so handy and it’s easy to use. I also cannot praise their customer service enough!!!

  4. Kirsty A.

    This stuff really works for me. Been using it for a while now but only when drinking wine. Not used it with any other alcoholic beverage yet but I definitely give it 10 out of 10 so far.

  5. Justine

    Does the trick!

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