The Science

Clean Wine’s special formula is the culmination of significant research and development into the science of hangovers.

Clean Wine’s special formula treats wine such that it reduces, and even eliminates, the effects of a hangover. It works by a process of “cleaning” the wine, with active ingredients that safely remove the small amount of toxic chemicals naturally found in wine and also those that are added in larger quantities as preservatives (which have been clinically proven to significantly aggravate headaches and hangovers1).

Adding a few sprays of Clean Wine to your glass before drinking will significantly reduce the effects of a hangover without any noticeable effect on the taste of the wine.

A recent study1 published in Nature by The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that concentrations of certain chemicals in wine presented a 2,266 times greater risk of developing a headache than drinking wine with those chemicals removed (that is not a typo by the way; these toxic chemicals in wine increase the  risk of a headache by two thousand, two hundred and sixty six times)!

Furthermore, there are a group of people (about a quarter of the population) who have a particularly bad reaction to sulphites in wine, which Clean Wine removes, and drinking just one glass of wine can cause severe headaches or migraines for this group.

Sulphites also have a particularly adverse effect on those who suffer with asthma and on females, particularly so with menopausal and post-menopausal women.2

Clean Wine removes the sulphites by a chemical reaction caused by introducing extra oxygen atoms into the wine. These oxygen atoms bond with the sulphites and turn them into harmless sulphates (at levels found in tap water). The only other by product of this chemical reaction is pure water. However, at the dosing levels the water added to your glass of wine as a result of using Clean Wine is negligible and not noticeable.

  1. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2019) 73:1316–1322 click here
  2. Hassan and Misso, Adverse Reactions to the Sulphite Additives click here

Clean Wine

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