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long wearing nail varnish

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fast-drying, chip resistant and available in 19 colours

Give your nails a bold, distinctive look with 19 different dazzling colours to choose, our luxury long wearing nail varnish is a must have, no matter your style.


The fast-drying formula of our nail polish delivers an even, lacquered result. The extra-fine, ultra-shiny and long-lasting coverage is not only protective, but also chip resistant.


After washing your hands, file your nails and remove particles. Wipe your nails clean with a cloth. Apply the simply argan hand cream and push back your cuticles at the base and sides of the nail with simply argan oil. Remove oil from the nail surface using a cotton pad moistened with nail polish remover. Apply the first layer of our nail polish, followed by a second coat - as thick as the first, for more vivid colour.

13 reviews for long wearing nail varnish

  1. Susan (verified owner)

    Lovely hard wearing nail varnish have had a few different colours now

  2. DavidFrench561 (verified owner)

    Firefinch is a bright vibrant colour

  3. DavidFrench561 (verified owner)

    Shocking pink is a vibrant colour long lasting my wife loves it

  4. SusanFrench538 (verified owner)

    Firefinch is a lovely pink colour perfect for summer toe nails

  5. SusanFrench538 (verified owner)

    The purple metallic nail varnish is an amazing colour just beautiful

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