Who We Are

We are a niche non-mainstream luxury beauty company…


…formed in 2010 to introduce the wonderful cosmetic benefits of argan oil to the UK. Since then, we have grown and become a respected, established and award winning beauty brand that has developed a wide range of argan oil based skin & hair products.

However, you will not find our products on the shelves of high street retailers because the margins they demand mean we would have to compromise on the quality of our products, which we will not do.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality argan oil and argan oil products available…

…using the finest, natural, organic ingredients.  However, we do not believe that natural means substandard and with the latest cosmetic technology we marry nature with efficacy and luxury.

From our laboratory in Cheshire we develop cutting edge, high quality products and work with cosmetic industry experts and manufacturers to ensure our products match, and better, the more expensive products sold by the industry cosmetics conglomerates.

Sourcing only the finest quality ingredients and developing products using the latest technology has resulted in thousands of satisfied customers.  You can read hundreds of genuine customer reviews about our products on FacbookTrustpilot and Google Reviews.

We trade ethically and source our argan oil and other ingredients from sustainable resources, always paying a fair price.

We believe in protecting the environment and we have have already introduced refills for our argan+ range to cut down on plastic waste.  We intend to roll this out to the rest of our range and we are investing in research to achieve this.

We are also vehemently against animal cruelty and we do not, and never have, tested any of our products on animals.  Nearly all of our products are vegan friendly but certain products do contain animal by-products, such as the beeswax we use in our lip balms.

When back in the UK Jane started using the argan oil…

…Darren had bought in the souks and loved it.  When she was running out, Darren set out to get some as a present for her – but Ken was right, and he could not find anywhere selling it in the UK.   Moreover, he was soon being asked by his friends where they could get it from.

It was then that Darren had a lightbulb moment and realised there was a gap in the market. 

Although it seems strange now given that argan oil is so ubiquitous in the beauty industry, that was far from the reality back in 2009 when it was virtually unheard of in the UK.

The story of simply argan is really a story of serendipity…

…it all came about from a trip to Marrakesh in 2009 that Darren Smith, the founder, made with his wife, Jane.  He was asked by a friend, Ken, to get some argan oil for his partner Pam as he said it had worked wonders on her skin.  Ken explained that Pam had discovered argan oil whilst on holiday in Morocco, but struggled to find any in the UK.

Darren had never heard of argan oil before but soon after arriving in Marrakesh he visited the souks and found it in abundance.  Intrigued by what Ken had told him he also bought some for Jane and his friends, as holiday gifts.

Already a successful entrepreneur…

…Darren decided to start importing argan oil and began to build a team of experts to make it happen, forming simply argan Limited.  That started a few years of research and development and several trips to Morocco before simply argan found the best quality argan oil available.

Finally, in 2011 simply argan started to trade selling only the finest, pure, organic argan oil.   Initial trading was slow because not many people had heard of the product.  But as word spread about the amazing results from using simply argan oil, business soon picked up. That gave simply argan the impetus to start developing a range of argan oil based hair and skin products.

In conjunction with industry renowned cosmetic and formulation experts our team develop argan oil products from our own laboratory and we now have a range of over fifty  luxurious, high quality products.

In 2016 we opened our first retail store in Wilmslow, Cheshire England.

Darren says that the key to the success of simply argan has been twofold:

 “firstly, selling products that really work and do what they say they will do; and secondly, sourcing and using only the finest quality argan oil and other ingredients in the development of our range.”

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