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microneedle derma roller

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featured in the London Evening Standards best skin boosting micro-needling kits to try at home

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Our microneedle derma roller is clinically proven to work on lines, wrinkles, many skin conditions, scars, and resorting hair loss, including male pattern baldness. A simple and effective treatment suitable for all skin types and tones.


Our microneedle derma roller works to increase and improve the bodys natural production of collagen. This 192 x 0.5mm titanium alloy microneedle roller is used by professional clinics and is one of the most popular needle rollers available. Derma rolling is an effective treatment for cellulite, large pores, freckles, stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, scar reduction and hair loss. Microneedles create collagen fibres naturally by stimulating the skins tissues & micro-blood vessels. It also helps the skin absorb moisturisers and oils more effectively, giving visibly improved results.

This is an effective and cost-efficient way of improving the skin and is suitable for all skin types and tones. Over time the treatment has laser-like results for the above conditions.

This treatment works by creating many thousands of tiny punctures in the skin thanks to the use of the microneedle derma roller, although this creates minute dermal trauma, it does not remove the epidermis. This means the body naturally starts to heal the skin. It is this healing process which results in the production of collagen and elastin. The minimal damage to the skin results in quick healing with minimal discomfort.

Unlike other skin resurfacing treatments, our derma micro needle roller does not remove the epidermis, it instead creates micro punctures to the skin. The body naturally starts to heal the skin and it is this process which induces collagen production. These micro punctures are quick to heal and provide minimal discomfort.

For the best results use the derma micro needle roller with one of our fantastic natural oil formulations and collagen moisturisers.


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6 reviews for microneedle derma roller

  1. Coral

    I am absolutely beside myself with the results. I”m 25 and have suffered from horrid acne throughout my life, but the scarring left from my most recent bout left me feeling miserable.I have only used my derma roller 4 times since purchasing and once a week, but the results speak for themselves. My scars are both visibly better and reduced in depth. When I run my fingers over my face, for the first time in years, it is smooth and pot hole free!!! For the price, and the massive boost in confidence, I really, really cannot recommend this enough.

  2. Blanca

    I got the delivery in short time and it was all in perfect order. I ordered a dermoroller and it is a very good product. There was a gift of a little purcel with arganoil; I used it and have to say it is excellent. I will be ordering that product

  3. Matthew Henry

    Amazing products at a great price point. Fixed my beardruff and made me smell nice. I’ve tried many many products and this barring Prescription Medication is the only thing that works.

  4. Faye Riches

    I love these products. The FND oil is especially my favourite and I’ve just bought a derma roller to use with it. I’ve only used it twice but am looking forward to seeing if I get any results in a couple of months

  5. Berivan Erdogan

    The argan oil is great for a soft skin. Collagen moisturiser is also good at softening skin however does not really help with wrinkles. The elixir serum is a very good moisturiser but did not reduce my wrinkles even though i have been using it everyday for 3 weeks. The derma roller is great. Lastly, i bought the eye cream to reduce dark circles and tighten the eye area but i have not seen any effects yet although its nearly been a month. Quite disappointed by that but other than that my overall experience was good. I would definitely recommend the argan oil and the derma roller. The other items might need some more time to work…

  6. Sue Kennedy

    I have started and stopped a few times with the derma roller on my stretch marks and never really saw any difference. Then I read that you have to do it for a few months and so I thought I would do it property as I had spent £50 on it! Not great in terms of comfort etc and my skin became itchy. However, I carried on and after about three to four weeks I started to see a difference. A few months later and there is a massive improvement. I would not have believed that the roller and argan oil (I use the night oil at night as I love the smell and helps me relax) could have made such a difference!

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