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sleep tight baby oil

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our gentle, relaxing night oil, designed for babies sensitive skin

Moisturising argan oil and relaxing lavender combine in our additive free sleep tight baby oil, creating a soothing oil gentle enough for a babys skin.

This product is available as a refill, watch our refill video here.


All our baby oils are free from additives, preservatives, and artificial perfumes making them gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Our sleep tight baby oil not only moisturises and protects the skin, but soothes the mind, aiding in a relaxing natural nights sleep.


Our baby oils can be used on dry or damp skin, simply massage gently into the skin. For best results apply our sleep tight baby oil 30 minutes before going to bed. Fantastic for massaging babies, a lovely way to bond with your baby.


argania spinosa kernel oil, lavandula angustofolia (lavender) oil, citral, coumarin, geraniol, linalool, d-limonene

import information

This product may not be suitable if your baby has a nut or skin allergy. Avoid getting into the eyes and wash out thoroughly with water if this occurs.

6 reviews for sleep tight baby oil

  1. Anna Smith

    Hello Sleep. I started using this on my 2 month old. I rub in into her temples and every single time I do I get the biggest smile. The first few nights she still woke every hour but was calm and fell back to sleep, after a week she only woke for a feed. I also used it for the dry skin she had since birth and it has almost completely cleared. I love it and she clearly does too, even if it didn’t work I’d probably still use just for that gorgeous smile!

  2. Rebecca Wade

    I tried this after I saw Tanya Bardsley”s Instagram post and it has really helped. We have gone from several wakes to just a couple a night and I have regained some sanity!!! Thanks for the recommendation Tanya x

  3. Tanya Bardsley (Real Housewives Of Cheshire)

    Yayyy it’s worked thank you so much Simply Argan xxxxxxx(from Tanya’s Instagram account re-posted by simply argan with permission)

  4. Jane

    I use this on both my little boy and girl who are not great sleepers and there has been a definite improvement and I am getting more sleep. I also use the Night Oil and that works for me too. Must be the lavender in both of them.

  5. Nikki

    Smells divine and has really helped my little boys eczema on his arms. He has always slept well but since using this oil, he is waking up full of energy and is looking so much less tired. Its a great product! Thank you Simply Argan!

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