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lip balm

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hydrating argan oil lip balm

The eye catching magenta tone of our lip balm gives your lips a beautiful, kissable look. The organic argan oil ensures that your lips feel as good as they look.


Our lip balm has been created with argan oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter to make a super soothing, re-hydrating, and protecting balm. It will leave your lips feeling soft, healthy, and smooth, helping to seal in moisture and shield your lips from all elements.


Apply as needed to moisturise dry lips and help them to feel soft and smooth again.


cera alba, butyrospermum parkii butter, argania spinosa kernel oil, aloe barbadensis in cocos nucifera, mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, manganese violet, ci77019, ci77891, ci77742, arom

49 reviews for lip balm

  1. AgnieszkaOlchowik971

    I love this pearly pink shade, it gives a nice colour and does not dry out the lips.

  2. Teona Chargeishvili

  3. Amanda Worrell

    I always use Argan lip balm but I purchased this colour just for the Christmas season. The colour is really nice and felt very festive. The balm always feels so soft and silky after application and I will continue to use it along with all of the other colours available.

  4. Amanda Worrell

    My favorite tinted lip balm ever. The colour is wonderful and the balm leaves my lips feeling so soft and looking absolutely fantastic.

  5. Nikki Brocklehurst

    A fab product, my lips have been really sore and dry with the constant weather changes and this has been such a relief, will be buying more! Good work again simply argan. Fab fab fab.

  6. Monika

    Amazing product. Great moisturizes lips, it is very efficient. Ideal natural ingredients. best of the best <3

  7. Ozma

    I give this a 5 star only because it beats the most popular brands on the highstreet hands down. Wow, I really don”t like lip balms because they feel sticky and do nothing but this has changed my mind. Well done Simply Argan.

  8. Donna

    Literally, the best lip balm I”ve ever used. It is highly hydrating long lasting and tastes gorgeous, it leaves your lips incredibly soft I use it every day.

  9. Elaine

    I am very pleased with my lip balms they stay on for ages and my lips feel lovely and soft.

  10. Carol

    I love the lip balm, it does not dry out your lips as some do. It is also great as you have a pink shine to your lips so it’s like a subtle lipstick. Had to order more for my sister and daughter. 

  11. Samantha Wilson

    I’ve just received my lip balm today and I’m so thrilled with my product. Once again simply argan oil team deliver good quality stuff and does exactly what it says it’s gonna do on the product. I am one happy customer and always be shopping with you guys. I’ve never been disappointed. The lip balm gives my lips a smooth feel and healthy shine especially knowing it’s doing the job it’s ment to. Thanks again simply argan oil team. Your wonderful. 

  12. Shereene Akinyemi

    Ive never used a lip balm like this quick results to chapped lips and keeps your lips hydrated too 

  13. Samantha Wilson

    This little thing does a lot for your lips, with soft smooth and healthy shiney lips. Argan oils is simply the best product I”ve ever come across. Thank you argan oil team.

  14. Jenny Waller

    The little sized ARGON oil lip balm is great, you don’t need to use slot as it lasts along time. I use at bedtime and in the morning my lips are still moist. X

  15. Debs Yates

    The lip balm completely repaired mine and my children’s chapped lips amazing stuff and the coloured ones are great they give enough colour without being too obvious xxxx

  16. Kinga Mierska

    I absolutely love them! I got a magneta one, pearlescent pink and original. My lips are so soft and smooth after using them. What I love about these lip balms is that they are made with only natural organic ingredients. Highly recommend this product

  17. Nikki Foran

    I’m not usually into lip balms, but like all other simply argan products it tempted me to try it…. And I’m glad I did. My lips are super soft, and as I struggle with cracked dry lips which bleed a lot that is a miracle in itself! My mum and all my sisters now have one too! 🙂 

  18. Milena Petrova

    Absolutely amazing!Leaves your lips soft and hydrated!

  19. Leigh

    Wow wow wow!! This is the best lip balm product I have ever bought. I have tried many other lip balms but either found them too watery, too waxy or too sticky! This however is perfect! It melts onto the lips and provides a perfect hydration layer which last for such a long time but isn’t sticky or waxy or uncomfortable on the lips! I pick the skin from my lips (a bad habit done when stressed or worrying) but since using this oil I find I can’t find any skin to pick, it has made my lips so soft and smooth… If I stop using the product I notice my lips return to a dry mess again so I stay stocked and a little goes a long way so lasts a lot longer than any of the other products I have bought before! This is the holy grail of lip balms, AND 100% NATURAL!

  20. Milena Petrova

    Love this product!One of my favourites

  21. Miss Wiseman

    The lip salve is moisturising and tastes pleasant. My small (happy now you offer a cheaper postage option) parcel arrived in good time with good commuincations. I used the £5 voucher I was pleased to receive in my Christmas card.

  22. H W

    v nice product. helpful correspondence with the senders.

  23. Judith Thomson

    Very moisterising, I’ve been using it nightly after the rest of my skin care routine and can see my lips feel full and smooth all day

  24. Judith Scowcroft

    Love the original lip balm. My lips get very dry and sore when I’m out walking the dogs, but since using this lip balm, my lips are instantly better.

  25. Rosalind McLaughlin

    This is a very good lip balm.I use it twice daily and think it makes my lips smooth with a nice shine-i Intend to try the pigmented ones next.

  26. Patricia Trebilcock

    Lip Balm is really good and immediately improves condition of lips. As with all products from Simply Argan the items are packaged well and delivery is speedy. The web site is also very easy to use.

  27. Lynn Labo

    I love these lip balms !

  28. Mihaela Suhaianu

    This lip balm smells nice and it helps with cracked lips, takes away the pain and leaves soft lips behind. Pretty peach colour too

  29. Mihaela Suhaianu

    I love all the lip balms, I particularly like the perlascent red one. The only reason I did not give it 5 starts is because on some of my lip balms (I have like 20 of them from all orders) have either started to leak (they melt easily if kept in heat) or the opening mechanism somehow breaks and they come out in your pocket and I find them squashed inside the lid. But when handled with care they are great for your lips.

  30. Claire Matthews

    I love Simply Argan ~ my favourite product is the original lip balm it is very effective and always my go to lip balm. They are a very efficient company and every now and again gift and send little unexpected products. I am loving my recent one ~ elixir SK9 I can honestly already see a difference in my skin. Thank you, Claire

  31. Wendy Gwatkin

    Ihave always used SimplyArgan for the oil and night time oil and have recently started using the cleanser and toner. My skin glows after using these products. I also recommend the lip balms – they really do moisturize your lips.

  32. LE

    This is a lovely product, I have used the lip balm before and this was a replacement purchase. The pure Argan oil absorbs beautifully and is so hydrating. Have used it on all the family, it has improved the skin of my 6year old who really suffers with dry skin.

  33. Jenny Patterson

    smells great and feels nice too. 🙂

  34. Louise Sands

    Very speedy delivery and fab products from Simply Argan, lush lip balm and gorgeous perfume

  35. Hannah

    I love the lip balm so much! Never normally write reviews but felt I had to for this product. Whereas my other lip balms tend to be quite sticky this one is so smooth and lovely. I’ve seen other reviews commenting that it becomes gritty and while I have noticed this on my own one too I think that is just down to the nature of the argan oil and the fact it solidifies when cold (like coconut oil) but if you rub it between your lips for a few seconds the grittiness melts away perfectly.

  36. P Gowland

    The texture of this balm is very very gritty a real disappointment.

  37. Jean Albrighton

    The coconut and argan oil makes the lip balms the best iv used

  38. Andrea Cheney

    I bought this product as a treat and am so happy I tried it and it felt wonderful but then my 17yr old daughter seen it she tried it loved it claimed it and has spent last 2hours regaling her Facebook and insta friends with how good it is along with video showings of applications and close up of lips pre treatment and post treatment lol ?? but she does have lot of problems with dry lips and does seem great for her said she can feel it working so il just have to order another for meT

  39. Andera Cheney

    I tried lip balm and was lovely then my 17yr old daughter saw it tried it raves about it and claimed it! In last few hours she has informed half teenage girls in England of her wonder product (slight exaggeration but her Facebook and insta friends all been told of wonder and treated to step by step pics of application and close up of treated lips lol

  40. May

    This is one of my favorites, i got 3 of the orignal ones. i use it on my little girl all over, easy to carry and it moisture very good as she has very dry skin condition. i even use it all the time myself.

  41. Julie Stewart

    I love the lip balms. Customer service is excellent and points scheme is fantastic.

  42. May Cheung

    The lip balm is wonderful, so soothing and makes my lips so soft. In my pocket all the time, is a must have x

  43. Lorraine Nancarrow

    so soft on your lips and gentle I would recommend to anyone

  44. Michelle

    WOW this argan lip balm is amazing i get quite dry chapped lips at times and have tried a few top named lip balms but the original argan lip balm is amazing leaves my lips so soft, no stickyness at all and the coconut smell and taste is lovely.

  45. Carrie Lou Talbot-Ashby

    I then tried the coloured lip balm and its an A+, no horrible taste, it doesn’t slide off your lips after 20 seconds, it does what it should, moistens and stops them feeling dry and cracked, and the colour is subtle and so lovely!

  46. Amanda

    Oh I just cannot tell you how lovely this lip balm is. I was reluctant to purchase it as it is a little on the pricey side but I decided to give it a go. I am so pleased I did. The lip balm is the nicest lip balm I have ever tried. It feels so rich and Moisturizing upon application and the beautiful tinted pearlescent pink is very pretty. It is my all time favorite lip balm.

  47. Amanda

    This is the best lip balm I have ever used. I purchased one in the Pearlescent Pink and I was so pleased with it I bought the trio. The Pearlescent Pink is my favorite as it is a beautiful soft color and feels so lovely on my lips. I tried the Magenta which is also very nice but not as Luscious as the Pearlescent Pink. I highly recommend you to try these lip balms.My lips were left feeling hydrated and looked amazing. Fantastic product.

  48. Tahnee

    wow this Argan lip balm is amazing! it melts on to your lips and leaves them super hydrated and the smell is beautiful.will defo be back for more..

  49. Claire

    Not sticky. Not greasy. Doesn”t dry out your lips. Doesn”t disappear after five minutes. I”ve tried every lip balm on the market. This is without doubt the best one I”ve used.

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