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natural coffee and argan body scrub

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leave your skin feeling softer and smoother with this invigorating coffee scrub

This delicious smelling coffee scrub will leave your skin invigorated and silky smooth, gently removing dry, flaky skin and stimulating blood flow. Our coffee scrub utilises the finest robust coffee beans and sea salt to give an unmatched level of exfoliation.


Our exfoliating coffee scrub is fantastic at removing dry, flaky skin as well as stimulating circulation. By using rejuvenating, invigorating coffee beans, this scrub will improve blood flow to the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and uneven skin tone.


Using wet hands, gently massage our natural coffee and argan body scrub onto your body and rinse off thoroughly with water. Pat your body dry and enjoy smoother, softer skin. Use our coffee scrub three times a week for best results.


robusta coffee seed, argan oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, sea salt, golden sugar granules, vanilla 200gms

18 reviews for natural coffee and argan body scrub

  1. Adeola Fakolade

    My go to scrub.. the smell is gorgeous. Will recommend

  2. Adeola Fakolade

    My go to scrub.. the smell is gorgeous. Will recommend

  3. Sally

    I have used another coffee scrub but this is much better. My skin felt soft after the first use and it seemed better quality. It’s messy but then so are all coffee scrubs and this one does not come in the paper bags that get wet like the other did. I will be using this one going forwards. 

  4. Emma

    This is such a wonderful product and has worked well on my dry elbows and knees. Love the smell also. 

  5. Stephanie

    Love this product, I have used a few coffee scrubs but this is the best. I think the use of argan oil really makes a difference. This is quickly turning into my favourite beauty brand. 

  6. Danielle

    Love the smell and great scrub given how your skin feels afterwards. I have a skin allergy and so I was cautious – but no issues with this so far. As others have said it is a bit messy though! 

  7. Anna

    This is the best product I have found for stretch marks and scars. I have 2 scars on my shoulder, the older scar is hardly even noticeable now, and the newer one is a lot softer looking it used to be all red and angry but now the redness is pretty much gone. My stretch marks are also a lot less visible, I actually have to look closer to see them, and they don”t feel bumpy when I run my hand over them, just soft and smooth, and I”ve only used this 4 times! My skin feels incredible and I have a lovely soft glow afterwards too. Can”t wait to see the results after longer use.

  8. Donna

    Quite literally the best body scrub I’ve ever tried, it leaves your skin so soft and beautiful. The smell is truly amazing and the bag is much larger than I expected, I’m definitely going to be purchasing more of this! 

  9. Oana Laura Madjarov

    It is absolutely amazing! Besides the fact that it smells absolutelybeautiful, my skin (including face) feels sooo soft and cleansed afterusing it. I would recommend it to anyone really!

  10. Samantha

    This is literally the best body scrub I’ve ever tried, it leaves your skin so soft and the smell is truly amazing and the bag is much larger than I expected, I have never felt my skin softer then after scrubbing with this. I’m not going to lie, this scrub is messy but the results are more than worth it. The scrub leaves you feeling invigorated and your skin super soft….I love it! I use this scrub maybe once every week to once every two weeks or when I feel like having a really nice long Tlc luxurious shower. Be careful because the coffee scrub can kind of get everywhere so i tend to do mine in the shower with my exfoliate scrub, but it’s like an extra 10 seconds of putting your shower head around the tub to clean up which is totally worth it for the way it leaves your skin. I regularly moisturize and make sure to drink plenty of water, all that good stuff but sometimes my skin just feels like it needs a little extra something. After using the scrub my body feels dramatically different, it’s much softer and makes me feel like i need to moisturizing when it is in that state as it makes it much easier to absorb the lotion I am moisturizing with. I think this is my Favorite scrub by far, I love how soft and moisturized my skin feels post shower and the smell is good to. Also another added bonus is it’s supposed to be great for helping reduce the appearance of cellulite! I’m definitely going to be purchasing more of this Fab Scrub!! 

  11. Suzie James

    Simply ‘THE BEST’ scrub ever!!! Have used numerous scrubs, from No7 micro dermabrasion to Elemis salt scrub and nothing (and I mean nothing) compares to this! It’s messy (like an explosion in a coffee shop messy) but amazing! Skin is smooth, soft and moisturised! I use it all over including the face and can even shave mb legs after it! This beats any premium scrub hands down and I’ve honestly tried them all! I will never buy anything else now! Plus the bonus is, it smell Divine! Please never stop this product! 

  12. Sue Wyatt

    Perfect as usual, very fast delivery, great products as great prices, very happy with my purchase and service.

  13. Suzanne Forest

    We all need a little boost at the moment so my lovely package from Simply Argan full of lovely goodie was mine. I do like a body scrub so gave this a try. The coffee mix made for an interesting blend of smells – the coffee smell is powerful and almost undermines the other fragrances and the shower did look a little coffee splatted after. However it felt really nice to use and once I’d got used to the smell I actually rather liked it. Most importantly it felt lovely to use, leaving skin feeling nourished and like I had had some unusual spa beauty treatment you’d pay £90 for! So I’d definitely recommend trying this.

  14. Adeola Fakolade

    Was easy placing the order, and it came on time. Purchased during the sales so am happy I got a bargain. Also got a good deal of extras which would have cost me at least over £60 so was definitely worth the purchase and value for money.

  15. Becky Taylor

    My stretch marks were starting to get me down so I bought the simply argan oil, coffee body scrub and the derma roller I”ve barley started using the them and I”ve already started to see results. I start by scrubbing my stomach with the scrub every time I shower and then derma roll for about ten mins and after apply the oil. I feel confident that this is the right treatment for me and would recommend to other mums with the same problem out there. I’m so glad I discovered this as I was starting to feel unhappy with the stretch marks I got from pregnancy. Felling positive now!!

  16. Amanda

    Have tried all sorts of scrubs and not been very impressed with the results but this one is amazing.its a bit messy so use in the shower, afterwards my skin felt really smooth and soft it also felt and looked firmer,I immediately ordered another one so I never run out.the only thing I would say is one opened keep the contents in a pot or jar rather than the resealable pouch

  17. Lindsay

    I just love this product, it is such a refreshing scrub to use with the fresh coffee smell and my skin fees silky smooth after use. However, make sure you have enough time to clean the shower after use, but it is worth it. 

  18. Janet

    I love this scrub, it is my favourite now. The rough texture give a thorough exfoliation leaving my skin really smooth. 

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