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self-tanning mousse with argan oil

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our lightweight and easy to apply self-tanning mousse

This velvety mousse delivers an ultra-even tan using advanced colour technology which, combined with argan oil, leaves a golden bronze sheen whilst caring for and moisturising the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and silky.


Our high-quality, streak-free tanning mouse provides a natural and healthy-looking golden tan using 100% natural active tanning ingredient (eco-cert approved) and paraben free. Lasting up to 7 days with even fade and is suitable for all skin tones.


For best results, waxing or shaving should be completed 24 hours before application.

Start by applying a small amount and add more layers to give a darker colour if desired, apply in circular motions (applicator mitt recommended, blending evenly onto the face and body. After application use a small amount of simply argan moisturiser, rubbing into areas of dry skin - such as elbows, hands, knees, and heels to prevent a build-up of tan, allow to dry for 5 minutes before dressing. To prolong your tan and keep skin silky smooth moisturise after showering or bathing.


aqua (water),dihydroxyacetone, glycerin, ethoxydiglycol, polysorbate 20, dmdm hydantoin, sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed amaranth protein, disodium edta, panthenol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, argania spinosa kernel oil (argan oil), parfum (fragrance), phenoxyethanol, citric acid, cl 19140 (yellow 5), cl 16035 (red 40), cl 42090 (blue 1)

529 reviews for self-tanning mousse with argan oil

  1. Anne Mollison

    Great product and service

  2. Kate

    Great Products! Natural ingredients! Health and Vital Life! That’s what Argan Products are about!:) 

  3. Mairi

    I’ve been using Argan oil instead if moisturiser for about a year. I have had several comments from friends about how great my skin looks and on a recent visit to a beautician for a facial was told ‘your skin is in amazing condition- keep doing whatever it is you’re doing’. It’s a simple, hassle free routine and, as an added benefit, probably saves me a fortune on the creams and potions I used to use. 

  4. Daphne Thomas

    I started using Argon Oil 1 year ago now. I don”t use anything else on myface accept soap and water. What a difference. My skin is so soft and I ampretty sure the wrinkles are less noticeable. I recommend this product to anyone.

  5. Naomi Lewis

    It’s an amazing product. I’ve been using on my neck and under my eyes for a few months now and can really notice the difference. I also use it on my hair when it’s dry. 

  6. Katie Dyer

    I’m glad I gave argan oil a try, after I read so many good reports. My skin has never looked or felt so smooth and this improvement is due to this miracle oil. My wrinkles are disappearing and I can’t believe how noticeable this is. Thank you argan oil, give it a try and feel they way I do. 

  7. Valerie Strauss

    Simply Argan has great products. The oil goes on and is absorbed quickly leaving no residue. Hair products leave the hair fabulously soft and shinywith a gentle lingering smell from the violet infused shampoo and conditioner. The hair serum detangles and smooths unruly long hair and nourishes it.All in all a great buy especially bundles. You can”t beat it for price and quality.

  8. Vera

    I use Argan Oil daily for silky soft skin and youthful looks. It is also great for scar tissue and strengthening nails.

  9. Samantha Houston

    i have lupus so have to be careful wot i use but i have gotten hooked on ur products. i havve used ur shampoo and conditioner infused with violets which not only leaves my hair shinny and healthy lookin but the smell is fabulous…..Your shower gel leaves my skin soft and Your pure argan oil is so so so good

  10. Terdoo Maagbe

    I love the simply argan shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment. It works wonders for my natural hair, leaves it soft and easy to style and care for.

  11. Pamela Macdougal

    Simply Argan Shampoo and Conditioner leave my fine hair so smooth and looking so healthy, and also leaves in my hair a beautiful aroma. They give my hair body which makes styling so easy when blow drying.I would not be without the Simply Argan Oil which I use each night. It smooths the wrinkles on my face, and rejuvinates my dry legs especially during the winter winds.Simply Argan Shower Gel is supurb, especially for the face and in my opinion is king of all available body washes.

  12. Ruth Bennett

    I discovered this amazing oil around 18months ago and wouldn”t be withoutit now. Not only does the oil make your skin feel totally moisturised butit improves the texture and appearance, lessening fine lines and wrinkles.I often get comments how how thick an glossy my hair is and an amazing smell of violets, thanks go to the luxurious shampoo,conditioner and hair oilSimply Argan is simply the best Thank you

  13. Naomi Lewis

    It”s an amazing product. I”ve been using on my neck and under my eyes for a few months now and can really notice the difference. I also use it on my hair when it”s dry.

  14. Pam Jones

    Argon Oil is the best beauty product I have used in a very long time, the difference to my skin is remarkable. Would recommend everyone gives it a go and see for themselves.

  15. Pamela Harvey

    Fantastic. I use all the Simply Argan products, and I am so happy I have found something that truly works, I highly recommend these products.

  16. Melanie Lloyd

    This product is excellent for some many uses. My daughter finds it invaluable in helping her eczema. I use it to keep my ageing skin supple and smooth. When my hair looks a bit dull and in need of a pick me up I use it before and after washing it. Also it is economical as a little goesa LONG way!

  17. Moira Emmett

    My skin has NEVER felt so absolutely right and I can”t say enough thank you”s.I am 71 yrs old and have had dry skin forever.I wish I”d had ArganOil forever,but….better late than never.

  18. Marion Dowling

    I use Argon Oil daily for my hair. It really is very good keeps hair ingood condition and I now use no other styling lotion after shampooing.It is not greasy and is very economical to use just a few drops are sufficient.This product is the best I have ever used and I readily recommend it to friends.

  19. Mary Herdsman

    I was unsure at first about the claims made about the benefits of Argan Oil. However, I have been using the oil at night in place of my more expensivenight moisturiser, and it is great. My skin in soft and well moisturised, and a little does go a long way.I also use your shampoo and conditioner and have recommended your productsto my family.

  20. Lynda

    Since using the shampoo and condition, I once used a similar product from a high end company, never again, no comparison, I will not use anything else on my hair, love all the other products too. Congratulations on such lovely products.

  21. Mairi

    I”ve been using Argan oil instead if moisturiser for about a year. I havehad several comments from friends about how great my skin looks and on a recent visit to a beautician for a facial was told ”your skin is in amazing condition keep doing whatever it is you”re doing”. It”s a simple, hassle free routine and, as an added benefit, probably saves me a fortune on the creams and potions I used to use.

  22. Loretta Smith

    Loved this oil, it”s great for my dry mature skin. Gave sample to my daughter for my twin grandsons eczema which seem to improve after use.

  23. Lyn Gregson

    I love all the products in the range. The 100% pure Argan oil is superb for treating the eczema on my legs, and I use it as a moisturiser on my face. Being non greasy it doesn”t stain clothes either. The shampoo andconditioner leave my hair beautifully clean and shiny and the body wash smells nice but isn”t over powering. I would recommend the products to anyone who has a skin problem or anyone who just wants to keep their skin,hair and nails healthy.

  24. Kate

    Great Products!Natural ingredients!Health and Vital Life!That”s what Argan Products are about!:)

  25. Loraine Tonkin

    Since I have started using Argon oil I have not needed to buy any other product for my skin. I find it easily absorbs into my skin leaving it feeling refreshed, moisturised and looking great without looking greasy. The fact that there are no added chemicals and preservatives in Argon Oil is an extremely important factor in my buying this product.When I think ofall the shop bought brand name face creams I have bought over the years with additives that I can”t pronounce make me shudder. I am so happy thatI have found this fantastic product and would recommend anyone to try it for themselves.

  26. Immy

    I am 37 and I have tried products from all major brands on the high streetand beyond. Been using argan products for over 18months and wow never lookback nor wish to change. Thank you to all the argan team.

  27. Karen Taylor

    the best thing i ever tried

  28. Gillian Muzvidziwa

    I always buy the small bottle. A little goes a long way and I very much like the bottle design it”s looks more then it costs. I”ve recommended this company to many friends so far. A product ill definitely keep buying.

  29. Ian Nicholson

    Argan products are realky great for the care of dry skin.

  30. Denise Low

    Have only used the products for 3 weeks but already the difference to my hair and skin is amazing.

  31. Georgia Petrou

    Definitely the best products I”ve used for my skin and hair in a long time!I can see a massive improvement in the shine and softness of my hair, which I have been complemented on many times since using Simply Argan shampoo and conditioner.I”ve also been using the Simply Argan shower gel and have found that I need to moisturise less and less the more I use it my skin stays soft and smooth with out it!Would definitely recommend everything I”ve used to a friend.

  32. Copper

    I Have been using argan oil on my face for over 2 months. Not only does skin feel smoother and clearer but several people have commented on my skin. I only wear it in evening before bed as it isn”t possible to wear makeup over the top, however it”s the best night time treatment I”ve tried on the market.

  33. Daphne Thomas

    I just love using Argan Oil on my face and body. It is all that I use on my face as I had a reaction to creams I had been using for years. My skin is so soft and actually if I say so myself I think I look a few years younger.

  34. Barry

    Argon oil is the best item I have found in years. It”s gentle on your skin, fantastic on your hair and so affordable.Fantastic product

  35. Cathi

    This is a truly magical product! I am amazed at the difference it makes even after only 1 application. I have recommended it to friends who are now also using the product. Thank you!!

  36. Ayesha Pathan

    I am ready to declare Argan oil as the best miracle oil for optimum beauty, as I have applied this oil to my face,hair and body for over 2 years and seen positive beautifying results. I have included Argan oil in my beauty regimen for adding moisture and shine to dull hair and leaving my sensitive skin healthy and radiant, also using it as a sunscreen due toits healing, repairing and antiageing properties. Argan oil gives me the satisfaction and confidence of using an unadulterant oil free from chemicals.

  37. Barbara Tranthem

    I started using Argon oil on my hair to start with, then Purchased your hair care range , and then the body oil and the hand wash, I have been extremely please with the results that I am achieving since using your argon oil products, my hair is much healthier and my sink in no longer cracked and dry, I also use it on my feet and I must say it has worked wonders for me, I no longer have dry burning feet.

  38. Annette

    I purchased the Argan Shampoo & Conditioner, best thing I ever bought for my hair. My hair was dry, heat damaged and very dull. I”m so pleased withthe shampoo and conditioner I would recommend it to any one. My hair is now in a lot better condition now I use this daily.

  39. Veemae

    I love the Argan products. The shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair feeling silky and the smell is not strong like some other hair products. The oil is great for my Afro hair, which feels and looks really healthy. I”ve also used the hair serum, which gives my hair a little extra body after washing and shampooing. I”m glad I”ve found the product that is best for me.

  40. Anne Dvenport

    This oil is amazing just wish I”d tried it years ago. Have tried various serums but not match up to this. Go on, give it a go, you”ll be very satisfied with the results .

  41. Veemae

    I bought the Argan mini pack for my holiday. It was so much easier to travel with than the full size products. I will be buying this again for my next holiday break.

  42. Sue Y

    Just love, love, love the products. The fact they are organic and do suchwonderful things to keep me looking good is a onestop shop experience! Time saving and good for my beauty regime and health!

  43. Tuulikki Sewell

    Fantastic product! Argan oil, i.e. Haven”t tested all the other ones.

  44. Sally Ward

    I am delighted with the Argan Oil, I would recommend it to anyone. It is luxurious and has transformed both the dry skin on my face and my damaged hair. The service I have recieved from Simply Argan has been fantastic.

  45. Sarah Rice

    I have been using Simply Argan Oil for a few month now and I am very pleased with the results. My skin feels great and the area around my eyeshas improved dramatically! I also use the oil on my hands and again I amextremely pleased with the results.

  46. Marion Hamshaw

    Excellent product. My skin feels wonderful. Use it morning and night and have recommended it to my friends. Seems to last forever as only have to use two or three drops.

  47. Pam

    I heard about Argan Oil when I was in Morroco this year,but learnt that ithadto be the genuine stuff. When I searched for it Simply Argan seemed to be the only site that guaranteed the genuine product. Their service was excellent. Am very pleased with the product, my skin looks better already. bought some for my daughter as well.

  48. Louise

    I purchased the simply argan oil for my hands as they get really dry and rough with constant washing. I was getting married and needed a miracle tomake my hands look beautiful and feel soft. I wore the oil every night with gloves and within a month my hands were transformed. Would definitelybuy this product again. I also purchased the shampoo and conditioner for my mum who has psoriasis. She said it was so gently on her scalp and made her hair very soft.

  49. Margaret

    Great products

  50. Eve

    We use it regularly. Fantastic product, good quality, good results !!!We are very happy.

  51. Lesley Johnstone

    I discovered these products about a year ago and since then swear by them,as does my 17 yearold daughter, who loves the smell of her waistlength hair after shampooing and conditioning with the hair products. I find my skin feels great and somehow rested after applying the argan oil to my face overnight. Fine lines fade and my skin feels really healthy. Love, love, love these products!! Nobody should be without them! And the service and delivery are excellent too!

  52. Lindy

    I have been using all the range of Simply Argan Oil products for several years. I have noticed a big reduction in my laughter lines around my eyes and I had deeper frown lines that have reduced significantly. I use it twice a day and it”s not greasy. The hair shampoo has the most amazing fragrance of violets and I feel so special when I breath in the lovely fragrance. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company or their products.

  53. Ar Towriss

    After switching from my regular shampoo, after about a week I realised that Simply Argan had really got to the “root” of all my hair care worries.

  54. Debbie

    this Argan Oil is simply the best I use it daily on my face, hair and nails.I love how quickly it is absorbed and my hair has a great sheen without being oily. My skin glows and I get many compliments.I am 57 yearsold and a co worker yesterday thought I was in my early forties…I am not giving this up ever!!!Your customer service is exceptional as well efficient and fast!!Congratulations on such an exceptional productBlessingsDebbie

  55. Bonita Curr

    Argan oil is the only product to cure my eczema having suffered this for over 20 tears.

  56. Jennifer Athienitis

    Simply Argan is an amazing product, even my trichologist commented that myhair has an amazing shine for blonde colored hair! Living in a hot countryand having basal cell carcinoma the argan oil after treatment from the dermatologist the marks have disappeared completely, defintely lives up tobeing the miracle oil.

  57. Rowan Murray

    I started using argan oil as a facial moisturiser as I was fed up with having shiny skin from my regular face cream and now I wouldn”t use anything else. The oil is absorbed quickly and leaves my skin feeling softand looking fresh without the tight feeling I would sometimes get before. I sent some to family and my sister in law now uses it on her own skin as well as her baby”s skin as it is so gentle. Friends I have recommended itto are also converts! The packaging looks good and the small bottles are perfect for travel.I recently tried the shampoo and friends commented on how shiny my hair looked as well as the gorgeous smell the infused violet isn”t overpowering and smells great. I couldn”t recommend Simply Argan productsenough.

  58. Penni Bamford

    I love Argan Oil; and a little goes a long way. I use it on my hair, handsand face” so its versatile and economical

  59. Andrea

    The shampoo and conditioner are fantastic. Hair is shiny and full no greasy residue. And they smell divine!!!

  60. Heather

    Once frizzy grey harsh hair, not now. I now only use Simply Argan voiletinfused shampoo and conditioner and turn back time hair oil treatment (when drying) and I stroke through pure argan oil between washes. What an amazing head of soft lushous hair I now have. I get many comments on its condition. Best in all my years!

  61. Katie Dyer

    I”m glad I gave argan oil a try, after I read so many good reports. My skin has never looked or felt so smooth and this improvement is due to this miracle oil. My wrinkles are disappearing and I can”t believe how noticeable this is. Thank you argan oil, give it a try and feel they way I do.

  62. Rhona Keble-White

    Since visiting Morocco I have been searching for a really good Argan oil and at last I have found Simply Argon….It”s wonderful.

  63. Veganqueen

    Argan oil is amazing; I had terrible spots until I started using it every night. It has really balanced my skin and it is now in such good condition, everyone says I look glowing!

  64. Sharon Sumner

    I have been buying Argan oil for a while now mainly for my hair, but now iuse it for my skin and also for arthiritis. It has so many uses, i don”t know why i havent used it sooner. My family and friends now also use it asi recommended it so much. My mums friend had psoriasis and has sought treatment via the hospital with little success, however i gave them a small bottle that i got free and now they also order their own as it has helped them so much.I now use the shampoo and conditioner for my hair and the shower gel whichsmells lovely. I have just ordered another oil and the hand wash as part of the bank holiday deal which ends at midnight tonight. I got free delivery and a free bottle of oil 🙂 I cannot recommend this product enough!! What are you waiting for??? Get ordering yours now!

  65. Mosiemanga

    Fantastic product, has a million uses. My daughter uses it on her teenage skin, calms her acne. This is the best price I have found for Argan oil and is good quality, would recommend it to all ages!

  66. Carolyn Pearsey

    Anazing Product I am thrilled with simply argan oil, my skin is beautifully soft and the lines have reduced. I recommend it, especially for people with dry sensitive skin like myself. 

  67. Ruth Bennett

    Argan oil is probably the best moisturiser on the market. Hair, nails andskin are all cared for. My hair was thinning and losing its lustre and myskin felt dry and aged. I have been using the oil and shampoo & conditioner for over 12 months now and the difference is clear. My hair is thicker and feels like it did when I was in my 20”s, I am now in my 50”s. I would most certainly recommend Argan Oil to any age to see amazing results.

  68. Marion Hamshaw

    Bought the oil and shampoo/conditioner for myself. Thrilled with how soft and shiny it made my hair. As a result I treated my son to the shampoo/conditioner and serum. He was very impressed with the result afterusing. Also recommended it to my daughter and a friend who sent for these products. All in all great products.

  69. Moxie Manga

    Lovely oil gave to my daughter for her dry but acne prone skin, soothed her skin and calmed redness on her cheeks. Very pleased with quality and price.

  70. Tricia

    I love Simply Argan oil, I use on my skin and hair. When I use it on my face my skin feels so soft. I am nearly 68 years old and have hardly any wrinkles.My hair is shiny and soft when I massage Simply Argan oil before and after washing it.

  71. Androulla Michael

    Amazing product!! I have tried many products but nothing can be compared to Simply Argan Oil. Amazing product and the effects are instant. 

  72. Lynda

    I would never use any other product on my hair now, all the products are wonderful and great value. Don”t hesitate to try them.

  73. Phil Short

    Excellent products at an excellent price. Excellent service, what more could you ask for!

  74. Ruth Ashworth

    I have been using Argan products ever since I heard of the revolutionary results experienced by French Women who have been using the oil for years.I have the face oil for use at night and during the Winter Months and alsothe shampoo, conditioner which is so kind to my hair and protecting against sun bleaching and hair colour products… is very reasonably priced compared with high end products available on beauty counters. A little goes a long way and it lasts longer than other products ….I will use it always

  75. Linda Patrick

    Have just fiished my first bottle of Argan Oil and I am in love! At the age of 71 I find that my hair and my complexion have both improved considerably. Who would have thought it, I was cery sceptical and am not easily impressed, but this is amazing. Am using up all the odds and ends of creams and potions I have3 in stock, this will be my staple from now on.Thank you

  76. Lori

    Great product, I only use this on my face now having abandoned all other creams and serums. Also good for hair and body. Only criticism is that bottles tend to leak when travelling (my fault?)

  77. Kim Priest

    I love 100% simply argan oil, it makes my skin feel lovely and soft, and it really does turn back the year”s as far as my wrinkles are concerned, or as I like to call then ” my life lines”. So many people have complemented me on how well I am looking lately! I just smile and say thank you,… and under my breath I say a big thank you to simple argan.Kim

  78. Lesley Johnstone

    These products are second to none my daughter, who has straight, waistlength dark hair, now only uses the shampoo and conditioner on her hair, which is kept silky, shiny and soft as a result and it smells great! I, myself, swear by the argan oil from head to toe my skin feelssmoother, hydrated, revitalised and I feel younger. As an occasional sufferer of psoriasis, I have used it on patches when they come and find that these disappear more quickly using argan oil. Delighted with these whether the oil or hair products. Just about to try the hand wash which Iordered recently.

  79. Deborah

    I have bought Simply Argan Oil products and have been using them on my hair for several months now. The enjoy the wide range of products and their convenient travel size, too. My hair has benefited from the essential oils and minirals that seem to be absorbed by my thirsty hair. I do suffern from dry and frizzy hair and Simply Argan Oil products have help to alleviate this issue. I especially like it for its natural ingrediant, the Argan Oil.

  80. Helen Becker

    5 star

  81. Jacquie Parry

    Love this product…my skin and hair have never looked so good. It is so easy to use and is not greasy on your skin.

  82. Christine

    Wonderful products, quick delivery, and well priced when on offer.

  83. Alexis

    I love shopping with simply Argan as all the products I have bought are great my favourite is of course the amazing Argan oil I use this everyday for my skin ,hair and its great.

  84. Paul James Hooper

    Never thought I would change from a moisturiser to an oil….But I”m not going back, this stuff is unbelievable. Just try it …..

  85. Marion@Abeachbar.Com

    Brilliant shampoo and conditioner. My son has curly but very dry hair and I treated him to the shampoo, conditioner and serum which he loves and hasmade his hair both shiny and lustrous. I also use these products as well as the pure argon oil on my face as have dry skin. I am 82 now but look and feel 72 thanks to this product. Recommend it to everybody.

  86. Lynn Spouse

    Argon Oil is the best thing that I have used on my skin. I asked two friends of my age over 60 why they had such smooth, lovely skin. They both (one in France and one from Finland) said they used good rose water as a toner and then pure Argon Oil. As someone with early skin damage frombeing bought up at the Kenya coast before hats, sun tan protection etc. myskin drinks the oil up and loves it. If I wake in the night I drink water and put argon oil on and wake up feeling good. Also friends say I look well and vibrant. So Argan Oil, exercise and some stretch and I am good togo for a few years yet! I just love the texture, smell and results.

  87. Kerry

    I have always had very sensitive combination skin, oily and dry at the same time! Have tried many products over the years…. Most of them very expensive. With simply Argan I have found a product that provides everything I need without any aggravation to my skin. I wanted an anti ageing, which I have found in the oil…. Better than any of the expensiveserums I have purchased in the past. My skin has balanced out which means no more breakouts and no more dry patches! I was surprised at this as I wrongly assumed putting oil on my face would make it greasier but it hasn”t . I will never use anything else!!!!

  88. Kim Evans

    I was badly burned on the legs many years ago resulting in ugly scars, also scars from joint replacements (both hips and both knees) yes my upperlegs were a mess. I read about Argan oil and researched it on your web site, next step was to buy some which I did a few months ago. I use it onthe scars regularly, while they will never go away they are better in appearance and the skin is much softer too. I also use it on my face before bed my skin doesn”t just look better it feels lovely too. A product I really enjoy using and will not change. Supply and delivery service from yourselves is excellent too. Keep up the good work, well done.

  89. Louise

    Super oil! For hair and skin greatest for value! Love it

  90. Juliet

    I really love this product it helps my dry skin and adds moisture to it. It is also great for under my eyes in reducing bags. I wish hi could buy more but the way my bank account is set up!!! Loool I love it xx

  91. Carol

    My first introduction to this company was when I took advantage of their trial size Argan oil with free P&P. The product is amazing, it feels lovely on the skin, I have only been using it for a very short while but I know it’s making a difference. I not too long ago finished my Chemo session, so my skin needs pampering and I feel this product is doing that and a whole lot more besides. Now onto their customer service department, it’s above and beyond. I rang the company with a query, the person I needed to speak to was in a meeting. The VERY helpful lady who answered my call said someone would ring me back. She took my mobile number and my email address. Unfortunately I missed their call back, so they emailed me instead. I asked my question, they looked into it thoroughly then got back to me. I wasn’t fobbed off, as is the case these days with so many companies. I have since ordered 3 more bottles and will be spreading the word. I hope this lovely company flourishes as it certainly deserves to.

  92. Maureen Deacon

    I have tried Argon oil when I purchased the shampoo and conditioner which are amazing. The oil is lovely and not at all greasy. I let my daughter try some and she ended up buying loads of different products including a shower item which she says is fab (and I have yet to try)

  93. Sandra Peters

    I have tried many products over the years and this is the next. My skin is in the best condition it has been and it is definitely helping with my wrinkles. 

  94. Jane Smith

    Just superb 

  95. Gemma Attkins

    What an amazing oil! Not only has it helped reduce the appearance of my stretch marks which on it’s own is well worth the money!! but my face and hair have never looked better! I think I am your biggest fan I tell everyone about your amazing argan oil. So glad I discovered this incredible organic oil! 

  96. Monika

    I love it Simply argan oil is really high quality. I used many argan oil, but only when I use simply argan I feel that this oil brings results. Excellent for my skin and hair ! I recommend this product to anyone, also for children 

  97. Kelly

    The derma roller and argan oil are my new best friend! I’m pretty shocked at how much they have helped my stretch marks fade and some have now completely gone! I’ve literally tried so many things over the past couple of years which have failed to give me these results! Love love love simply argan!! ? 

  98. Kieran

    Honey Hand Wash Lovely product with lovely scent. Mild, warm scent, soft to the skin. 

  99. Gloria Biolcati Rinaldi

    I’m a usual customer of Simply Argan, i can say very nice product, i noticed the difference of my skin and also hair product are amazing, i would recommend Simply Argan to everyone want very good products for hair and skin 

  100. Ria Downton

    So for the first time in 20 years , my husband complemented me on how great my skin looked .Needless to say , I ordered more immediately !

  101. Sandra Yearsley

    excellent customer service, very prompt delivery and would recommend this product and company.

  102. Brenda Hole

    Excellent for my aged skin ! something that works at last. Pleasant scent too the free perfume sachet encouraged me to buy some it”s fab!

  103. Oana Laura Madjarov

    After receiving the sample in the mail, I bought the 15 ml bottle. I am really happy with the oil, very good quality and makes my skin really soft and moisturised. I love as well the fact that it is available in a small size for the low budgets out there. I definitely recommend it.

  104. Steph Lewis

    I really love this product. The oil feels so lightweight on the skin and is instantly absorbed. Unlike a lot of oils I”ve tried in the past this definitely doesn”t leave any kind of greasy feeling and a little of the product goes a long way so this should last you ages.

  105. Laura

    I bought this oil as since having a baby I had unfortunately been left with stretch marks so I was advised by a friend to give it a try. I am really pleased I did as they are almost unnoticeable now!! I am going on holiday this summer and I know I will feel confident now wearing a bikini!! 

  106. Samantha

    Pure Organic Argan OilThe secret is out! A luxurious range of products containing the purest and highest quality certified argan oil.Extremely rich in vitamins, this fantastic face oil is one of the best products I have ever used on my face, it leaves your skin so soft and my fine wrinkles””and I mean fine as I am only 37 years young lol”” around the eyes are slowly diminishing.This product is thin and quickly absorbed into the skin, Promising to replenish, moisture and soften fine lines, it’s a great every day add on to your skincare regime, and when you team this up withthe night oil you”re laughing all the way: )I took my time to review these products that have been sent to me as I wanted to try each and every one of them for a longer period to see how they exactly work, smell, feel and most importantly Look.After a few short weeks of use, what a difference, My skin feels so much better, fresher and looks firmer and smoother, I have received several comments on how much brighter I am looking, I use my bottle on my face first thing in the morning.Pure Organic Argan Oil can also be used in different areas of the body like your hands and feet, face, body nails and hair, and you can also add it to a bath.The bottle I have (50ml) is just £25, reduced from £35.I would recommend it, Kiss goodbye to tired, lifeless skin!!And say hello to young youthful skin again!!

  107. Kieran Merkom

    The argan oil is incredibly likely to have accurate claims allround, the oil itself is cool and comfortable on the skin, it feels like my skin is healthier already. The handy travel bottle is nifty and the night oil has a calming and soothing scent to it. Give it a go n try, you won”t be disappointed.

  108. Kieran

    I purchased an Argan oil combo as a gift, the recipient loves it and has since purchased one as a gift for someone else. Purchased were 50ml along with night oil and travel size bottle of Argan oil.The argan oil comes in a seemingly strong and attractive bottle. The cap is quite nifty in how it is removed compared to how it placed back on the bottle.The oil itself is fantastic and needs only a small amount per use.If in doubt order a sample, it”s great.

  109. Monika

    I love itSimply argan oil is really high quality. I used many argan oil, but only when I use simply argan I feel that this oil brings results. Excellent for my skin and hair ! I recommend this product to anyone, also for children

  110. Dawn

    I purchased the arbre d”or perfume. The scent is light and feminine and smell devine. Ideal for day wear. 10/10

  111. Dawn.

    Light and non greasy. Ideal under make up too. I”m going to definitely give the rejuvenating oil a try next.Watch this space ladies.

  112. Ozma

    I have both the argan oil and the lip balm. I need to add the night oil to my collection. I have used a few Argan oils and this is THE BEST. I saw immediate results from just one application. Soft hydrated skin, healthy shine hair and moisturedo lips. The balm is handy and isn”t greasy at all.

  113. Ozma

    I purchased the 15ml trial size to try out. It is a multipurpose product! I use it mainly on my face and around my eyes, it hydrates and softens. I also use it to moisture my hands and feet and a couple of drops on my hair for shiney soft hair. Yes the customer service (Darren) is very sweet and the service is fantastic!

  114. Gloria Biolcati Rinaldi

    I”m a usual customer of Simply Argan, i can say very nice product, i noticed the difference of my skin and also hair product are amazing, i would recommend Simply Argan to everyone want very good products for hair and skin

  115. Nasreen Akthar

    One of the best argan oils so far, excellent product for my dry skin who when using it glows well worth buying

  116. Shaz

    Great value for money, definitely a repurchase!

  117. Agrita Leinate

    When applied to face_ it doesn”t feel greacy but very light and pleasant. I was suprised

  118. Diane Arnold

    I have been using simply argan oil for my stretchmarks for about a month now and I can really notice a difference, they are looking so much better and have really faded. The oil is lovely and absorbs really well into my skin, I am excited to keep seeing the results over time and will update my review in a couple of months! Thank you Simply Argan 🙂 

  119. Lanita Mckibbin

    Came across this brand a good while ago..and have used it on and off in that time..and always liked it..but recently I have been using all my products from Simply Argan RELIGIOUSLY for roughly the past month..and wow what a difference in my is much more balanced..fine lines are diminished and some skin pigmentation I had on my face has just about gone, and I have tried allsorts to banish it for years with no sucess until now. I will say that the ARGAN OIL does have a rather unusual smell. But not offensive in any way, I can probably assume that this is down to the fact that the product is more ”pure”, Unlike a lot of other products out there that have been ”adulterated” with lord knows what to make them smell nice. I use the Cleanser in the evening with my cleansing brush. Then I really go to town and massage the ARGAN OIL into my face at least for 5 minutes before bed. In the morning I use the ARGAN MOISTURISER , and then use a primer (of another brand) before my makeup. Which goes on much better now. I also use (alternate) the ARGAN NIGHT OIL which actually does have a divine smell of essential oils..and I am just getting into The FND INTENSIVE REJUVENATION OIL So cant report on that yet.I have also just ordered the MASK and SCRUB to add to my regime. (Will review at a later date)I have had lots of compliments recently on my ”flawless, fresh young looking” skin, and have let a few people in on my secret, as I am that bowled over by my skin transformation.Try it for yourself, but I would say stick to a religious regime for a few weeks to see if it really works for you. (Previously I had just used it here and there, hence no results) But I dont think you will be disappointed. Just stick with it. Id just like to add that i am 51. #HAPPY SKIN

  120. Erika G

    I love it, it really works. I will buy it again.

  121. Mojisola Boyede

    Very good company with great services. The products are fantastic and they do exactly what argan oil suppose to do.It is very hard to find pure argan oil but this company sells authentic argan oil that really works. I will be recommending this company to family and friends. They also give back by providing generous loyality points.

  122. Tracy

    Love this so much, I have added it too my shampoo & shower gels and also use it on my face. Would recommend .

  123. Sania Raja

    I bought the Argan Oil and I can really see a difference in my skin-it’s softer and my scarring from spots has gone down too! Also,it’s really helped with frizz for my hair,it just makes it so smooth and sleek! Would 100% recommend! 

  124. Caroline

    I love this oil. Feeds my skin, makes it glow and it”s an effective treatment for my psoriasis.

  125. Luqman

    Initially doubted the benefits of using this product, however after a couple uses you can definitely tell the benefits, and the quality of the product.Will definitely buy again.

  126. Karen

    Lovely oil, leaves skin feeling soft and quick absorbing, would purchase again

  127. Kate Clayton

    Beautiful product!

  128. Ashleigh

    Very good product makes my skin and hands feel very moisturised and soft, also makes my hair feel amazingly soft and flowy just by using after I”ve come out of the shower

  129. Wiltshire Mum

    I love this oil. I have tried many oils and this just works! The best oil for moisturising but not greasy. I have just ordered the purfume now!

  130. Lorraine Mcmonagle

    I purchased the June mystery gift box. THe items were gorgeous and exotic looking The black and gold packaging was indulgent and each of the products looked amazing. THis was apresent so did not try any of the product but they looked fantastic

  131. Tan

    I purchased the natures finest argon oil for multipurpose use due to dry sensitive skin.After only a few days i noticed in the areas applied no more dry skin even after washing hands. Noticeably there is an oil free residue that does not transfer to clothes or appliances, Applied to hands and legs and face as very dry itchy sensitive often breakouts, blemishes, dark marks & peeling along side spots at my age(lol) Applied to stretchmarks and noticed the itching sensation has calmed right down fereshingly a smooth non greasy finish complete with rehydration. when finished applying i have noticed my nails are not so flimsy they seem somehow firmer replinished 1 might say as they now lack the dry patches usually visible hue plus.My only issue is the size of the bottle is on the small side.At 36 i have 0 wrinkles but using this skin friendly oil i”ve no doubt they are an even longer way off.

  132. Christina Blanks

    Absolutely in love with these products!!So far I”ve tried to simply argan oil and the simply argan night oil and wow absolutely gorgeous. I originally ordered some of the free samples to try the product before committing to a full size bottle, well wow am I glad I did. I loved both the products but decided to treat myself to the full sized argan night oil the smell to this oil was just Divine, very very calming and relaxing and made a massive to difference to my skin, and was so pleased to I was given 20% off as a new customer such a bargain and so happy can not wait to receive my products. 🙂

  133. Shefx

    Everytime I have bought anything ftom simply argan I have received fantastic service, love the packaging and the argan oil is simply the best. I have bought gifts from here and the recipients have been so happy with the items. It all started with a small sample ??

  134. Tan

    Another few days in and still pleased with my most recent purchase. As i was my hands quite regularly iv noticed i could do with this in miniture sized tube for the purse. Still suprisingly light lubricated to the mollicule as. ot to leave any excess.Reminds me of petroleum but without the jelly grease effect and wears well on top of my sorbet i use. Discovered this by forgetting to re waah my hands and grabbed a crosss contamination. ut in a great way.Thank u.

  135. Tan

    As expectected, efficiently spreadable with a refreshing non over powering scent, that leaves a non tacky residue on the skin, meaningnyou only need a few drops.Great size and press down release motion keeping the rest of the cream fresh means it will last longer. Had the opportunity of speaking with a helpful polie relaxed gentleman on the phone.Efficient helpful welcoming demenure.Had an unexpected suprise in my order but fortunately for me i have a natural tan?? but it will be an amazing gift much appreciated.A very nice pouty non greasy lip gloss fir someone who does not usually pout lol.All in a good reliable product will be happy to update long term on the cream front. Lipsil is purse handy an immediate taste of something different specially if you are outdoors and get attacked by the wind which effects your lips.I adore these products as nothing iv used so far has disappointed me im.a criic of most things and set out to find a new quality natural beauty regime.No complaints so far great feed back wpuld be i jope their are x mas gift sets coming up maybe an option of larger measures for x mas, u never know. Xx

  136. Jennifer

    I love this product for my skin, I received a free sample and after I used it my skin felt amazing . So amazing I ordered myself a bottle. I love the smell, and how moisturised my skin felt. Love it.

  137. Sally Carter

    The mini products were perfect for travelling with and felt very luxurious. I shall be buying more as gifts for friends.

  138. Jane Scales

    Ordered a number of items, mystery beauty box, argan oil, shampoo and conditioner and hair serum. The shampoo really smells lovely, lathers well and leaves hair well cleansed. The conditioner left my dry frizzy fine hair so soft, extremely conditioned and with a great shine like I had just been the hairdressers! I have used so many top branded conditioners but this is the best and I would highly recommend even on fine hair. The hair serum is also good, not sure if I really needed any after the conditioner so used a drop on the ends of my hair and this made blowdrying so quick and easy without leaving my hair greasy like most serums do. Argan body oil is absorbed easily and left my body so soft and well moisturised. I also received a free FND intensive oil and this was great on my face, neck and chest and left my skin so nourished. The sos oil was also a freebie but out of all the products this was the one I liked the least as the smell was not as nice as all the other simply argan oils i ordered as the smell was more medicated and not as nice. I would highly recommend Simply Argan Oil as it does exactly what it claims to do and that is not always the case when you buy a high end product but these products certainly did. I will be buying again and recommending to friends and family. If you haven”t tried it then what are you waiting for?

  139. Elizabeth Waim

    I’ve used the self tanning mouse a couple of times now and I’m very pleased with the results. It gives a nice natural looking tan, which also smells nice (unlike most I’ve tried). I moisturised my skin before use and used a tanning glove to apply it. I’ll definitely buy this again. 

  140. Safina

    I had sample of this oil its excellent quality therefore i have purchased this 

  141. Diane

    As I visit Morocco frequently, I have long been aware of the wonders of argan oil and have been using it for a number of years. However, I can honestly say that the oil I have purchased from Simply Argan is without doubt the best I have ever come across and, trust me, I”ve tried a fair few!It”s not the cheapest on the market, but the quality is second to none. The fact that the company has each batch tested and certified shows just how dedicated they are to ensuring they only sell the very best. I”m so impressed that, despite my regular trips to the source country, I will now only buy my argan oil from Simply Argan, as I”ve been disappointed far too often with other ”100% genuine” products.This ”plain” version has the typical argan nutty aroma, but that soon fades. Alternatively, you could always add a few drops of your favourite essential oil(s) and create your personal, bespoke blend.If you”re thinking of using argan oil, do yourself a favour and give Simply Argan a try I guarantee that you won”t find a higher quality argan oil on the market.

  142. Rahila

    Due to some hair loss I decided to shop around for a more natural product. I came across Simply Argan and based on the reviews on the website I purchased the shampoo and conditioner. Delivery was very prompt with an added bonus of a points scheme. The products smell absolutely divine and my hair definitely looks and feels healthier. As someone else commented it does feel like you have stepped out of a hair salon!I also went ahead and purchased the day and night oil and the women”s fragrance. All the products are of very high quality and come with a certification to verify authenticity so you know you are using the best Argan products around.I would also mention the customer service is the best I have encountered. Emails are responded to swiftly and the staff are incredibly polite. I would definitely recommend this company and the products to everyone! 😀

  143. Shirley

    I have just received my new decrease cream and WOW this is fantastic it feels like silk as you apply it to your face, it absorbs quickly and leaves you skin feeling super soft & smooth it is fantastic. If you haven”t tried it yet then please do you won”t be disapointed I am looking forward to the results which I am sure will be as fantastic as the cream it”s self.If you have never tried any of Simply Argan products then you are missing out on their fabulous products which are very reasonably priced they all work just as you”d expect I cannot complain about any of their products they really do have the WOW factor.

  144. Samantha Wilson

    I’ve rated five stars as it’s been the best product I’ve ever used on my face, nothing compares to argan oil that is for sure. 100% certain I be sticking to simply argan oil as Tina turner would say its simply the best 🙂 thank you argan oil for the amazing results I’m achieving. 

  145. Vanessa

    Soaks into my skin like a dream

  146. Shirley

    I have just started using these Amazing Argan Oil Products again I stopped which was a HUGE mistake but, now I”m back & allI can say is WOW I can”t beleive the change in my skin since I”ve started using the products again it is soft supple & even my fine lines are reducing. Have you tried the new DeCrease Cream yet ?? this has the definate WOW WOW WOW factor I love it. It feels just like silk on your skin it absorbs very quickly & leaves your skin feeling super soft & smooth it truly is fabulous. I will NEVER STOP using Argan Oil products ever again it was a mistake that I did but, now I”m here to stay & I can highly recommend ALL these products for their superior quality, fantastic prices, great customer service. & much much more. Thank You Argan Oil Products for giving me back my fabulous skin. Shirley x

  147. Sarah Everard

    I have to say I am very impressed with this company. Aside from their products being fantastic and very good for my sensitive skin, the customer service is second to none! I has a query with my order and the response was dealt with very quickly and they went out of their way to resolve my query. Furthermore, the products came packaged very nicely and they even put a few extra samples is which was lovely! I am also impressed with the offers and promotions they offer! Will be buying from them again! xx

  148. Judith Scowcroft

    Loved the Argon oil that was easily absorbed into the skin and making it feel so soft. It has so many uses, a small drop rubbed into your hair leaves it feeling soft and manageable.

  149. Rachel Smith

    I recently purchased your Argan Oil getting a free sample in the post, having had dry skin for a while and nothing seemed to work. I have been so impressed with both products I’m now investigating the rest of your range month by month and enjoying getting my beauty box!  

  150. Patricia

    Where has this been all my life?! Fantastic results from this 100% natural product. My skin has never looked or felt better.

  151. Shereene Akinyemi

    I recived this in a mystery box amd still have some left u only need a little bit and does the job it doesnt leave your skin really oilly either fab stuff 

  152. Rachel Smith

    Amazing products, a little goes a long way and I”m loving discovering therange and have introduced my friends as well!

  153. Samantha Wilson

    I rate five stars as simply argan oil is the best company for producing it”s best products for any situation you may have with your body. I”ve been using the argan facial oil for a few day”s now and I”m already seeing the results and I must say I”m well impressed, I recommend it to any age and all skin types. You won”t ever be disappointed. I”m certain were I will be buying from at all times and that”s you simply argan oil. Thank you so much.

  154. Bethany

    I have recently purchased the argan oil serum and it”s absolutely brilliant my skin feels so refreshed and soft, I”ve also been using on my hands and can see a massive improvement already. I”m going to continue to purchase these forever! Lol

  155. Samantha Wilson

    Argan facial oil has been the best product I”ve ever used on my face and the results are quick. I can be very sure that anyone purchasing any argan oil won”t be disappointed. I will be sticking to argan oil for as long as I live as it”s outcome is amazing. Thanks argan oil team.

  156. Tracy Kirkbride

    This oil is fabulous, it deals with my dry skin with ease. I have tried other oils yet none come close, this oil is not thick or runny just the perfect consistancy. there is no lingering smell and i find that just two pumps evening and morning keeps my skin hydrated and looking amazing.The bottles last a long time and i find that it mixes well with my tanning drops that i use at night.I have also used the oil to add a dewy look to my skin after applying make up and throught the day. This oil comes highly reccommended.

  157. Nasreen Akthar

    I love this oil really good on my skin and hair too I’m a regular buyer if this oil

  158. Amal Aglan

    Excellent products and excellent customer service, I started with simply Argan oil and hair products and was really surprised from the quick result on my skin and hair within two weeks!!

  159. Karen Kelly

    I would definitely recommend Simply argan to anybody, the products smell divine, I love the pure argan for my hair, my hair is very dry but when using the argan oil for the first time I noticed a big change and trust me I’ve bought all sorts of products for my hair and nothing beats this, the good thing is I can use this anywhere on my body which is brill. The aromas from the products make you feel like your on you own little spa day in your own house, I would describe the smell of the products as very relaxing, beautifully scented but not too strong and you surely do feel pampered when using the products, my skin feels lovely, I have sensitive skin but the products have been gentle on my skin yet the scent lasts all day which I absolutely love.

  160. Craig

    After using the trial of this I got sent had go but a full bottle as it is truly amazing, both me and my girlfriend tried it and both loved it

  161. D Dunkley

    5 Stars

  162. Grace

    After trying out the argan sample sachets, I purchased the 15 ml size of Simply Argan Oil in order to give the product a good trial. Discovered I only need a pump or two for my skin. Massaged into cleansed skin, the oil absorbed, leaving it looking smooth and younger again beautifully ”cushioned! After a few days, I also noticed eczema on my eyebrows had calmed, and my lips looked smoother.I have since ordered and use, amongst other products, the larger size Simply Argan Oil, which feels as if it will last forever!Ordering from Simply Argan is straightforward. Products arrive quickly in a beautiful box, complete with free samples…and, oh the little chocolate squares! I would definitely recommend you take a look at their website.

  163. Janine Maydew

    I buy this Argan Oil for my son he as tried a numerous no of different ones this is the only one he likes it’s not greasy like the others he as used

  164. Hayley Yates

    Love the argan oil. Can’t recommened enough

  165. Lydia

    Just ordered simply Arran oil speedy delivery great service, only applied to skin once and felt fantastic will definitely keep using time to tell my friends thanks lydia

  166. Angela Richards

    Very good oil,very pleased,this is the genuine product, Highly recommend 

  167. Alison Lawson

    I ordered my first bottle of Argan oil (15ml) to try and have fallen in love! It”s a fantastic moisturiser, very organic feel, absorbs quickly into the skin and is great value for the price. It also works wonders on my thick, dry processed hair. I would highly recommend to everybody. I have tried many different brands over the years but this one ticks all the boxes. Only wish I had found it years ago!

  168. Paula Howard

    I absolutely love the Argan oil. Just ordered my 3rd bottle for a friend. It keeps my skin hydrated and smoothed lines. It’s grest as a hand team too.

  169. Mel Said

    Love, love, love Argan Oil! I have been using it for a few years now. It’s one of my must have! Keeps my skin supple and gives a lovely glow after sun tanning.

  170. Preti Parmar

    Highly recommended. The person who owns this company is highly professional and helpful. The product is absolutely amazing. Trying is believing. Used many products before but it’s nothing compared to this company. It’s a reputable, honest company and every time I have been with them you always get 110% service. Love love ?? love ?? these products. You will not be disappointed.

  171. Doreen Ikin

    Argan oil is something I’d never used before but, i asked for a sample and it blew me away I would use this again and again.

  172. Kristina Ardaviciute

    Simply argan oil for skin and hair. I like it use as a mask, it”s perfect for cold weather when skin and hair is more dehydrated and dry. It makes my skin and hair look healthy.

  173. Elizabeth Wheatley

    I am 72 years old and use Argan oil every day.. recently I was told my skin looked soft and dewy, like a young woman’s. As you can imagine I was very pleased. Lol

  174. Matthew Brett

    After working under air conditioning, electric fan heaters, walk in freezers blowing nearly 30 degrees, and a few mile bicycle ride at 5.30am my face gets really dry and generally lackluster at times. After a quick wash and dry, there is nothing more hydrating than a quick pump of this oil. applied around my T zone and the area i shave my face and i feel ready to go! so pleased i discovered simply argan i”m certainly pleased with results after a few months now!

  175. Satish

    I first tried this, when I was sent a sample and was very impressed, how my skin felt. I am 57 years old and have tried various High St Brands for my Face and this Argan Oil is simply wonderful because it addresses a variety of facial skin issues. So rather then use 2 expensive products, I now , will only use this Argan Oil.

  176. Jan

    The best Argan oil on the market I use it on my skin and hair and it leaves both lovely and soft

  177. A K

    Great Product

  178. Roseanna

    I absolutely love this oil! It”s amazing for my dry/acne prone skin. I”ll never be without it, it”s great for nails and hair also. I”m going to try some of the other oils from the Argan+ range! Would highly recommend.

  179. Rhiannon Roberts

    Very professional and thorough service.

  180. Mohammad Ali Rehman

    Highly satified with this product feels pure and is pure.

  181. A W

    Really awesome products, and fantastic customer service. I especially like that there are now eco friendly refill pouches available, and that they have introduced some paraben free and silicone/sulphate free hair products.

  182. Fred Foley

    I purchased the simply argan oil (15ml) + free delivery, I also had a voucher code too which made it a great deal. I love face oils, and have tried many. I probably put to much on, which it gives me break outs (but I take that risk as I like to give my skin a good feed!)I’ve been using this one now for just over a month and I haven’t had one break out I think I’m going to have to try out their moisturisers Lastly – I like supporting small companies that provide good products

  183. Amber Barker

    Fantastic service and a great product, I love using my Argan oil under my moisturiser day or night as it sinks straight in! Also loving the pump on the bottle as it pumps the perfect amount out! ??

  184. Jane McLoughlin

    I love face oils, and have tried many. I probably put to much on, which it gives me break outs (but I take that risk as I like to give my skin a good feed!) I’ve been using this one now for just over a month and I haven’t had one break out. I think I’m going to have to try out their moisturisers. Lastly – I like supporting small companies that provide good products

  185. Anne Wright

    amazing product leaves skin feeling really soft and smooth ,easy to apply ,smells great and natural products .

  186. Sarah Kay

    Great and speedy service, beautiful natural products and amazing deals. I won’t buy anything other than Simply Argan now! Highly recommend.

  187. Leigh

    This oil is amazing! It can be used as so many things. I personally use it for face oil, cuticle oil, hair oil & hand softener. It really is that versitile! It leave everything soft to the touch, hydrated and healthy! My biggest skin concern was dull skin and preventing wrinkles, argan oil is said to prevent wrinkles and having researched it’s skin benefits before buying I noticed a lot of people’s wrinkles has improved greatly which was originally why I purchased! Having used this oil for around 1 year now I won’t be going back to anything else, this is the holy grail. My skin is so smooth, bright and evened out since wearing this oil that I no longer require any foundation or concealer. This oil isn’t greasy and settled into my skin nicely and although I don’t need foundation for day to day use, if I do choose to wear it the oil makes a perfect base as a primer! A little goes a very long way! 10/10

  188. Tracey Rennison

    Absolutely love this oil I have ordered again makes my skin and hair so soft a must buyxx

  189. Linda Campbell

    Bought the small argon oil to try it’s a must for face and hair amazing ….Ordered 3 more another for me and one for my two daughters it’s so good ….

  190. Ilona Farkas

    Very pleased! Thank you!

  191. Carol Bannister

    I use it for so many things on my hair to make it shine on my eyelashes after I’ve dyed them on my skin, my dry cuticles and nails then before bed a little on my heels to keep them looking hydrated I think it is fantastic xx

  192. Elisangela da Silva Kanaan

    They are amazing, for me has working so far! I have no words how express my feelings about the brand. Thanks, is leaving my hair soft, not greasy, and also brightness! Thanks, thousands thanks!

  193. Samantha Ives

    Love love love. Absolutely amazing! My skin is constantly soft and smooth! It’s amazing!!

  194. Claudia Dixon

    this stuff is amazing….for skin…lips…lashes and hair…I’m so impressed . so glad I’ve found this…new favourite all round beauty product ?????

  195. Laura

    great value. I’ve been using Simply Argan oil for years, best on the market in my opinion, and this was too good an offer not to snap up! Highly recommend.

  196. Beverley Rimmington

    I have tried a good variety of simply argan products, and I love all of them. Quick and easy, stress free shopping.

  197. Nicola Cook

    Lovely oil. I got this oil as part of an offer and I absolutely love it. It smells amazing and feels comforting when you put it on. I rub it in every night after cleansing. It feels silky and absorbs well and doesn’t feel greasy which I was worried about as I hate that feeling. I actually look forward to putting it on each night. I’ve never had much issues with sleep but I’ve fell into a deep sleep each night since using it. Would definitely buy again

  198. Sandra Sandall

    Love the red box.Really well packaged and the box, paperwork and information looks very expensive.The container looks expensive.The contents feels really nice on your skin and you only need to use a little.

  199. Dorothy

    I started using this product for my wrinkles, and brown spots, I have noticed my skin is so much healthier the spots are definitely disappearing, the oil sinks in immediately, and l can apply makeup straight away. I purchased some for my Daughter who also has noticed a difference, I’m still waiting for my Grandson’s opinion, I am waiting for delivery of the lip balm, I definitely recommend this product.

  200. Maariyah

    Amazing and excellent product. Happy customer

  201. Dorothy Bates

    Ordered mine on the Facebook site, I started using mine the day it arrived, I can certainly see and feel the difference, I ordered some for my Daughter and my Grandson haven’t had any feedback from them yet, but I have recommended this product to my friends. I will definitely order more.

  202. Vytaute

    I like that this is lightweight, well absorbing argan oil. Doesn’t have any nasty or strong smell.

  203. Suzanne

    Best skincare product ever I’ve suffered from acne prone skin since my 20s, always trying different creams and lotions to find something that suits my skin. This popped up on my facebook newsfeed so thought Id give it a try since it was on offer. So glad I did I have been using it for a few months now and I can honestly say my skin has never been so good. I hardly get any spots now and my skin looks loads better. I have recommended it to my friends who also love it. This is my favourite facial product ever ???? only took 26 years to find it.

  204. Sue Walters

    Worth giving this oil a try Have used the oil for a few days now and it hasn’t upset my skin at all. In fact my skin feels very soft and flexible. I’d like to think the lines are going but it is early days yet. It doesn’t feel greasy and when I finish the bottle I’m sure I will buy it again, Many thanks

  205. Amanda Garforth

    This is amazing product- everything is perfect-argan oil, packaging, the company

  206. Jan Murray

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    Recieved my 15ml argan oil and have just started using it ,will see what difference it makes in the next few weeks it do make my skin soft and is lovely during the cold damp weather

  233. Simona Summers

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  245. Jacquline Winder

    This Is lovely. Goes on your face like silk. My daughter loves it. Unfortunately it makes my skin flaky and I’m really fed up that I am missing out. My daughter is not as she now has my LARGE bottle!!! Don’t let this put you off. It’s really nice!

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  263. shirley edwards


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  284. Avis Lees

    This oil has transformed my skin! I use it on my face at night and like a serum in the morning, under a spf15 moisturiser . My skin has a healthy glow and feels so soft . This is my new ‘go to ‘ skin care of choice. Thank you. Ps I love the hand sanitiser too, no dry cracked hands here!

  285. Derek O’Donnell

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  289. Rosalind McLaughlin

    I find this oil very good especially at the moment when we re having to wash hands more frequently and for longer than usual. It’s good to put it on at night to let your hands recover

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    I have very thick curly hair which can be a nightmare to tame and take care of and unless treated properly it can become dry and and very frizzy. I have used multiple products to try and soften and heal my hair and Simply Argan’s Argan Oil is by far the best product I have used. I add a few drops to my hair after I shower and it leaves my hair looking healthy, feeling soft and frizz free all day long. I highly recommend!

  296. Olwen Young

    Amazing oil, this is my second purchase, so happy with it and with the excellent service from Simply Argan.

  297. Maureen Brown

    Well I can’t speak highly enough about this product and I’ve used a lot of others , I use every morning and every night and my skin certainly looks so healthy . I have recommended to everyone I know and all are super impressed. If you are hesitating DON’T buy and you won’t be disappointed !

  298. Maura Hassan

    I love Simply Argon oil because it is so versatile as you can use it everywhere, hands, face and as a body oil. I recently purchased the Summer Box which contained 3 lip balms, Oil and Hair oil which I am delighted with. I bought the oil for my Mum also and she mixes it with her normal moisturising face cream to add a little luxury. A small amount of oil goes a long way also so it is really good value for money.

  299. Valerie Graham

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  300. Christina Ireland

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  302. Mihaela Suhaianu

    I have suffered from acnea problems for 20 years – since I was 13 (33 now). After using the Argan oil every morning and night for 2 months, my skin looks and feels amazing and I have no acnea left. This is the best product I have ever used and will never try anything else. Thank you so much! I feel much more confident now and I no longer have to wear makeup every day to cover my spots and scars. I couldn’t be happier.

  303. Kerry Stafford

    Excellent service and the box of products was beautifully presented. Very impressed with the products so far

  304. Linda Chinn

    Love My Argan Oil, very efficient service, and was very excited to receive my Free Night Oil, it’s a real treat, and such a lovely Smell. Will ask for vouchers for Christmas from family. Thank you for such an excellent service.

  305. Loredana Galoiu

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  307. Jennifer McDevitt

    I bought products for myself and also as a gift. The gift came beautifully wrapped and I really appreciate the speed in which my order was processed as I needed it within 2 days and it arrived! Many thanks for this quality service. I do like the products, I placed an order that gave me free products which have been great to try out, I will be looking to re-order.

  308. Alison Collins

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  310. Stacey

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  312. Daisy

    Very pleasantly surprised by this oil. I have a mixed skin and I wanted to try it on my face. I was surprised that it fully soaks in and doesn’t make my skin greasy. I now put it under my foundation, excellent result, the skin looks glowy instead of just mat. Seems it will last a while too. Two little pumps, warmed up between palms, covers the whole face, neck and décolleté area. Thank you Simply Argan!

  313. Carol J

    I swear by Arian oil which I buy in Morocco but, since not being able to travel, I found Simply Argan – exactly the same as the oil I buy there a d with the advantage oh having a whole range of products. Thank you Simply Argan, you have a customer for life.

  314. Mable

    delivery was very quick and the oil is so nice makes my skin so soft and hands just not sure if i can use it hot weather and don’t make my skin so dark like the ones i have used before

  315. Mihaela Suhaianu

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  319. Elsie Maynard

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  320. Deborah Gatfield

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    I have loved all products I have purchased and have given some reluctantly I may say as gifts ??. Skin feels good ,refreshed and younger looking. Thank you

  322. Wendy Gwatkin

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  323. Sheila Jones

    Been a customer for few years now and would highly recommend them. The oil has totally calmed my frizzy hair.

  324. Carol J

    Thank you for my monthly subscription box. I look forward to it each month and am never disappointed. Also I never run out of your wonderful Argan oil.

  325. LE

    This is a lovely product, I have used the lip balm before and this was a replacement purchase. The pure Argan oil absorbs beautifully and is so hydrating. Have used it on all the family, it has improved the skin of my 6year old who really suffers with dry skin.

  326. Stephanie Head

    I absolutely love the products, the Argan oil and night oil especially, and the delivery and customer service is fantastic. Great company

  327. Sally Sinclair

    These products are super Argan oil …. Night oil… eye gel … bio serum … toner ….hair volume cream … mascara is wonderful have tried others in between always come back to Simply Argan Thank you

  328. Samantha

    Absolutely fantastic!! I have used so many different fake tans before in my life, ranging from cheap to expensive and from lotion to spray to mousse, and this is by far the best of the lot and I have used a lot! Simply Argan Self-Tanning Mousse is very easy to apply, I used a glove mitt that you can pick up from your local super-drug store, I find that by using the glove you can get a more evenly spread then using a sponge that soaked up most of the moose and takes a little longer to apply. The foam is much nicer and quicker to rub into the body than lotions and feels pretty dry straight away. Also, I found that the mousse delivers a more even tan and leaves the skin moisturized and silky smooth. Sams Top Tips On Use * Wax or shave before use. * Apply lotion to dry areas so you don’t get build up of tan. * Use a mitt for easy application. * Apply in circular motions. * Blend evenly * Allow to dry for 5 minutes * make sure to apply lotion to skin after showers to prolong the tan. I found that this tan would last a week without a top up, if you require a darker tone I would recommend doing one layer first then do another layer the second day to get the instant, gorgeous golden tan you need: ) Overall this product leaves you with a professional, flawless tan. I’ve tried so many expensive tanning products, and I can honestly say I won’t ever be buying them again after using this product. Please go check out my Facebook page for more reviews from simply and photos : )  

  329. Gemma Greenhow

    excellent product lovely golden tan won”t buy any other now iv used this

  330. Oana Madjarov

    It is absolutely amazing..! I am usually hesitant when it comes to self tanning solutions/creams/sprays etc., but I was impressed to see how easy it is to apply and how beautifully it spreads on the skin. Great quality, I highly recommend!

  331. Karen

    I purchased the tanning mouse, the item is pretty good although I did still end up with some streaks even though I used a tanning mit, but maybe this was more down to me rather than the product, would probably purchase again

  332. J

    Super easy to use with a mitt, just glides on. No nasty smells at all. Only criticism, if any, colour guide could be a darker shade of brown as could developed tan otherwise it ticks all the boxes. Maybe a darker version???

  333. Shereene Akinyemi

    Although i didnt use bwing mixed race i recived it in a mystery box and gave it to my cousin who has asked me where i got it to buy more went on with ease and better than all other leading brands out there 

  334. Mary Donnegan

    Fantastic products and great service

  335. Christina Shrestha Jirel

    Applied it on my face and massaged. It really softened my skin. The smell is good too. Thank you very much

  336. Carol J

    So glad I found this seller. I have bought Aegean oil products from Marrakech before but can’t go in the current circumstances. Simply Argan has been a dream come true.

  337. Lily Dumbleton

    I have been a fan of Argan oil since i bought some from QVC but didnt know where else i could buy it . I do not want to be without it I use it on my face but but my nails have benefited from it I have never had such long nails. But its my skin first and the best results ever. I recommend it strongly.

  338. Ann Potus

    Excellent products and service. It’s lovely to know that the argon oil is pure and sourced well

  339. Julie

    Love this product. So versatile – I use it on my face nails and hair. My face looks well nourished now. Speedy delivery would recommend.

  340. Lorraine Aldalou

    I love the quality,just nourishing.will definitely order again..

  341. Preti Parmer

    I have used many Argan oils but nothing compares to this one ! Absolutely amazing !! You can put this on your face but I have curly hair and when I have washed my hair I would put Argan oil on my hair and wrap it. It keeps hair conditioned during the whole week. Love the fact that you can buy refills for this item. Highly recommended

  342. Janet clements

    I have been using Argan oil for the past year and have noticed an amazing improvement on the dry skin on my legs. This product is very easy to use and far superior quality to other brands. I love it.

  343. Fiona McBride

    Am loving this oil, has made a great difference to my skin over last few weeks.

  344. Jenny Patterson

    I’ve been using this for month and it has help clear up my psoriasis. I also use it in my hair to make it soft with a lovely shine.

  345. Lynda Blair

    Hav’nt really noticed a difference yet but will keep using it. ??

  346. Edita Ede

    Finally I found what I was looking for so long

  347. rachel shields

    This is a fantastic oil I am delighted with the results

  348. Janet Cramp

    Very speedy delivery. I can’t comment on the efficacy of the argan oil as yet as I’ve only been using it for 2 days. However, I’m given to believe that pure argan oil should be stored in brown, glass bottles and that one should be wary of argan oil stored in clear plastic bottles, which your oil is.

  349. Jane Duke

    Easy to order, prompt delivery and good value as always – enjoyed the additional gifts in the package.

  350. Jennifer Rogers

    a wonderful company, very understanding and helpful staff..Simply the best products I have ever used! I have very fragile sun damaged skin,which requires a lot of care.

  351. Elaine Potter

    Simply Argan is amazing, excellent quality, very well packed, fantastic choice, I won’t be shopping anywhere else for my Argan products,

  352. Paula Holding

    Found this company from a fb ad for argan oil – I ordered some and was obsessed – such a fantastic product – I then ordered the violet shampoo and conditioner which is amazing (every time I use it my partner comments how great my hair looks) I’ve since ordered hand sanitiser and other hair products and they’re all amazing (also got the free exir oil worth £69 because I spent over £60) this is the only company I will buy from now and the reward scheme is excellent and so is customer service! Thank you to fb for introducing me! ?? ?? The bonus is they are located near to where I live so can visit the shop any time! Thank you simply Argan you have a life long customer!!

  353. June Grieve

    I’ve ordered lots of these products ,absolutely love them all,my skin feels amazing ,and I love how they have lots of offers ,definitely recommend them to anyone ,very fast delivery and nicely packaged

  354. Sara Hatch

    I really like this company and the products. Customer service was great and I felt value with the extra gifts. The sanitizer is the only one I’ll use as I don’t like alcohol hand gels. The oils made my skin feel rich nourished again.

  355. Tracey Kirkbride

    Love this company, I ordered a subscription box and was beyond pleased with the contents, the Argan oil is superb quality and I use it on my hair, skin, nails etc while all the other products are equally as good. Excellent customer service and delivery. Will def be ordering from them again.

  356. Ann Everatt

    Mornin argan users, what a find, I changed from much more expensive facial oil to Argan and I am delighted with results, so now trying other Argan products with confidence. Thank you Damien for friendly, speedy & efficient advice,( telephone call 10/11/2020) you are a credit to the company. Stay safe evryone….Ann

  357. Stephen Plewis

    Clear and simple to make order.polite.personal service..

  358. Amanda Maher

    Fabulous product and quick delivery

  359. Hazel Dixon

    I love Simply Argan Oil. It leaves my skin feeling so soft without that greasiness that oils sometimes have. And it smells superb.

  360. Diane Lindley

    I’m on my second bottle of simply Argan oil and it’s fantastic for my very dry face. It leaves no greasy after feel and leaves my skin silky soft.

  361. Roshni Myers

    This is a really good quality oil. I use it on my hair and face. Good deal with free delivery. Will be buying again.

  362. Roshni Myers

    Purchased a bottle of argan oil on the deal of £2.99 with free delivery. It arrived quickly. The oil itself is really good quality, I use it on my face and hair. Will purchase again.

  363. Georgina Switzer

    I’ve only been using this for about a week and I can already see an improvement in my skin! Love it!

  364. Sue (Cheshire)

    Excellent service and products are fantastic

  365. Sonia Wilson

    Purchased my usual argan oil but this time got a refill option. Very easy to use and an excellent idea. Well done.

  366. Val Brown

    Tip Top. I have ordered a number of times from simply argan everything is all it claims to be even the free gifts you get occasionally highly recommend them.

  367. Berivan Erdogan

    The argan oil is great for a soft skin. Collagen moisturiser is also good at softening skin however does not really help with wrinkles. The elixir serum is a very good moisturiser but did not reduce my wrinkles even though i have been using it everyday for 3 weeks. The derma roller is great. Lastly, i bought the eye cream to reduce dark circles and tighten the eye area but i have not seen any effects yet although its nearly been a month. Quite disappointed by that but other than that my overall experience was good. I would definitely recommend the argan oil and the derma roller. The other items might need some more time to work…

  368. S B

    Excellent! I really like the argan oil on my face and hair!

  369. Jane Razzell

    This is easy to use and non greasy. Very quick to arrive.

  370. Nicky

    All good with the delivery and product is always good.

  371. Sakib Ali

    Argon oil is good but price is quite high and the product is small ontop they charge for post age which is too much.

  372. Ewelina Otwinowsk

    Simply Argan is simple 🙂 Very nice consistency, absorbs really well and doesn’t leave oily/sticky residual at all (as you would expect from an oil).

  373. Ewalina

    Love the products, especially gold argan & nano particle sanitising spray that smells amazing, absorbs well and leaves your skin moisturized. Argan oil itself is absorbing really fast and doesn’t leave sticky/oil residual at all as I thought it will. Dispatch and delivery time frame was spot on. Will be definitely getting more items from you! Thank you, Simply Argan team.

  374. A

    I ordered this oil and hoped to get the bottle but instead got the refill pouch with no bottle to decant it into. Still great quality oils but not in an attractive container.


    Lovely easily absorbed oil. Bought pure argan oil so I can customize it. Fast delivery and excellent service

  376. Lindsay Dudley

    Great service and product, quick delivery too, very responsive to questions, I asked a question on messenger late at night and I got a reply within 10 mins, will order again

  377. Louise Perry

    Excellent service as always thank you.

  378. Claire

    Amazing product. My hands, nails and skin look so much healthier and my age spots that had started to appear, have gone!!

  379. Melanie Goldsmith

    Bought as part of a gift. Friend very pleased

  380. Kerrie Briscoe

    Good company, cares about their customers, products are nice. Luxury items for me, but now and again as a treat.

  381. Susan

    Lovely quality. Very efficent dispatch, beautifully packaged and lovely quality. Also, appreciate eco-friendly availability of refills.

  382. Kelly Mccracken

    Soft. Absolutely amazing love it

  383. Jane Skertchly

    Always such an amazing shopping experience, the goods arrive so quickly and beautifully packaged. I love all the products and can’t wait to try new things.

  384. Jacqueline

    Your products are absolutely outstanding and offer fantastic value. The service is excellent and purchases always arrive well boxed and secure. Would highly recommend.

  385. Kathryn Grierson

    Lovely product and quick service. I use it everyday.

  386. Ella Wilson

    Words fail me not often but when they do it’s for some thing special and simply Argan is very special to me the shampoo and conditioner are not to be Missed leaves your hair clean and soft and lather from shampoo is so light too I just love simply Argan products I don’t use any other products. Even the staff of simply Argan they are lovely people I have been selling simply Argan as a rep. For 2years and a bit now and the people I sell it too agree simply Argan is the very best

  387. Trish

    I have just recently become a customer of Simply Argan and I am so pleased that I found the site. The items sent have all been packaged well and dispatched on time. I have puchased the hand sanitiser, argan oil and hand washes. The products are superb and have really improved my hands, thank you all very much.

  388. Maggie H

    I have just ordered my second bottle of this wonderful oil and expect delivery tomorrow. So good to deal with a British company, having had several bad experiences with, shall we say, foreign sites. Fabulous oil, love it.

  389. Bec

    I love the oils from this site and order them repeatedly. The scents are amazing and the service is really good too. Great comms, some good offers and swift delivery

  390. Stephanie Stevens

    I’ve been using this on my face every evening. It feels oily at first but soon sinks in without a trace. I rub any excess on my nails and cuticles and they are looking better than they have in a long time.

  391. Ella Wilson

    I think you £10 a very generous amount is just about right I get many people admiring my facial skin and ask what I use and I feel very proud when I tell them simply Argan oil the amount you use is amazing and it lasts a long time it is just what I wanted all my life I can’t thank you enough

  392. Anne Rooney

    Loved the oil and am using it daily on my face and body. Feels good and hopefully wrinkles will fade.

  393. Lavinia Guef

    Arrived on time, was exactly what I ordered and had some free samples as well.

  394. Kate

    Really nice products. No problem collecting from the shop. Free samples sachets in the bag with my order. Great to be able to get a refill pouch.

  395. Sam Danter

    Excellent products and very quick delivery.

  396. Val Barnes

    Fabulous oil, using it every night to stop my hands drying out with over washing due to Covid-19. Working a treat

  397. Patricia Barlow

    Excellent, genuine company. Good prices on products. Argan oil excellent beauty product. Balances skin.

  398. Pamela

    Satisfied. The system is well organised. The product is very good.

  399. Miss Larri

    Great packaging and freebies. I got the argan oil which is a good multiuse product. I use it for my eczema (it hasn’t cured it but it helps keep my hands less dry). I received 3 lip balms for free – they’re the softest, smoothest ever but they don’t last long (have to keep reapplying). I also like their collagen facial moisturiser.

  400. Colette Faulkner

    I lived in Morocco and this is the best Argan oil I have experienced . Customer service is excellent, Love this company so much

  401. Jaqueline Robinson

    Great Argan oil. Used for one week. My skin is much better . All the spots that I have had for four plus years that kept coming and going. Though due to menopause. Have all cleared up . Also the pores look better. I thought oil would be greasy and leave my skin oily. But no, it soaks in and a great base for make up too. Fast service. And great that I got a small bottle free and also the rescue oil free. Told my friend about the great website. She has now ordered the new anti ageing serum.

  402. Margaret Steele

    Love the argan oil, now just purchase the refills as I have the bottle – another saving

  403. Hazel

    Arian oil is this best moisturiser product that I have found. It is light and does not leave your skin oily. I am using several Simply Arian products and cannot fault any of them. Orders are delivered within a few days of being placed.

  404. sheila shaw

    Love this Simply Argon Oil .Have only been using it a couple of days but my skin already feels so much softer, you only need a small amount to massage onto your face,

  405. Claire

    I ordered the original Argan oil as I had been experiencing dry skin and someone recommended trying Argan oil. Did my research and this one came out on top. It’s pure Argan oil so is light and non greasy and really moisturises my skin. I loved it so much I have now purchased the Argan night oil to use at night as well. I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my skin.

  406. Angela

    Fabulous products. I’ve been using simply argan products for over a year and my skin looks fab. Highly recommend and afforable to which is a bonus!

  407. ED

    Quick delivery – I like the product.

  408. Nicky

    Lovely oil. I purchased this on offer to try and I love it. I have been using it on my dry ageing hands which has really helped improve them. They feel soft , smoother and look less old. I’ve since ordered two more bottles as I will stick with this in the future

  409. Julia Jones

    My first purchase was the 15 ml Argan oil. I’m using it on my feet,hands and face. Love it. Just ordered the hand wash looking forward to using the hand wash. ??

  410. Jane Dale-Beaumont

    Absolutely fabulous product, very reasonably priced for quality.

  411. Jo Thompson

    Excellent skin care product . I am a repeat customer and highly recommend this product for first time users to try you will never look back. Its non greasy , smoothes skin, blemishes disappear, and leaves your skin looking fresher and younger. 

  412. Mrs Macdonald

    Excellent service and top quality product.

  413. C.Coulon

    I have been using simply argan products for years and find them marvelous. I have sometimes tried other products, but find I always come back to simply argan as they seem to be the best for my skin.

  414. Sue Medcalf

    Great product. Left skin feeling soft and supple. Will order again. Highly recommend

  415. Helen

    Quick delivery and lovely packaging It smells georgous

  416. Elaine

    Great products at reasonable prices!

  417. Milena Petrova

    Love these products.Amazing!Ordered few times and now waiting for my dermo roller.So excited about it.Always good bargains and best quality products.Worth every penny!

  418. Trevor Dyson

    Been using Argan oil for almost thirty years. This is the real deal.

  419. Jane Butcher

    Smells gorgeous!!

  420. Shelia Jones

    Orderingg was easy. Delivery as stated very happy. Just love this product for my hair. Few drops on burhs and it calms my hair down.

  421. Jane Butcher

    Very pleasant and lovely smell

  422. Pat.G

    Really impressed with this product. A light oil that is absorbed quickly with no residual stickiness. Ideal for mature skins like mine. Would most definitely recommend. I wish I had tried it much earlier!

  423. Jenny

    This is an order for my second bottle and I am only halfway down the first. I love it as I am a sun worshipper and it keeps my skin hydrated. When daughter will be home soon from Sydney so I may have to pass it on to her and order another.

  424. May

    Love this argan oil, i use it mostly on my hair but can be used top to toe so love it. its improved the condition of my hair less split ends and looks smooth now.

  425. Carol Murray

    Delivered quickly this oil does not just sit on the skin disappears quickly. Skin feels softer and supple I have mature skin and can be quite dry. But this oil works for me.

  426. Gertrude

    Does what it says on the bottle

  427. Julie Stewart

    I use the pure argan oil all the time, mostly on my skin overnight, as a leave in hair conditioner and if I have any troublesome patches on my body. Its truly liquid gold.

  428. Lou

    Great Product.

  429. Jan Barker

    I have been using these argan products for some years now and find the quality excellent, as is the service. As a sufferer of dry skin this is my go to product daily, for hair, face and nails, a little miracle.

  430. Patricia Peden

    Good service, quick delivery, products excellent would not be without their argan day and night oils. Have passed on to my many friends.

  431. Lindsey Smith

    Super speedy delivery, fantastic products – what more could you ask for?

  432. Dawn Bailey

    Just made another order of the argan oil, it’s so nice on my skin.

  433. Jacki

    The website and ordering process is easy to navigate. My item/s always arrive in good time and are well packed and protected. I love the smell of all the products I have bought to date and they also feel good on my skin and hair, which is why I continue to buy when I can afford to. I have only been using my newest purchase for a couple of days so it is too soon to comment on any results.

  434. Sio

    Great quality and feels very nice, it rejuvenates your skin better than any other night cream. After all, simply argan oil is natural, would recommend.

  435. Lorna Perry

    I love Simply Argan it is quite Simply the BEST!

  436. Kristina Ardaviciute

    I tried I liked. I give to try to my family mebers,they like it as well. Nice dark tan,non sticky, it”s my favourite. I would recommend it to buy.

  437. Nicola Barlow

    Great oil, use in the morning and night. Really softens my skin.

  438. Darina Rai

    Excellent products, fast delivery and service. I recommend Simply Argan to others. The quality of their products is very high.

  439. Rasheda Begum

    Loved the service and the product is amazing was very impressed with the packaging:)

  440. Judi McCafferty

    I have tried many well branded anti-ageing creams, with varying results. However, after using argan oil as a night “cream”,for a week, my skin feels so much smoother than it has for months, and my high colour has calmed down.

  441. Beverley Rimmington

    Silky smooth. Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and healthy.

  442. Pamela McCormack

    I am going to be ordering more from Simply Argan soon as it’s a brilliant product and so versatile in it’s use. I have been using the product nightly and my skin’s never been so soft and well looking…with Argan oil who needs Botox:)

  443. Alessandra

    Moroccanoil is the best product I have ever used for keeping my skin and my hair in excellent condition and I would certainly not like to be without it! Thank you!

  444. Aileen

    Great products and service.

  445. Kylie

    Lovely bright clear and easy site to make purchase from. My argan oil parcel came really quickly adnwas beautifully packages. Adore the oil within a couple of weeks use my skin noticeably improved smoother less red and plumped!!

  446. Abby Dearlove

    This product is absolutely fantastic im really pleased with the way it leaves my skin would definitely recommend buying it

  447. Susan

    First came across Argan Oil some years ago on a trip to Morocco.Now it”s here! And this trial size is an excellent introduction for those who don”t know about the product.I love it!

  448. Jenny Rogers

    The best products for skin and hair. Can not be without simply argan oil and many other produc

  449. Aysha Khatun

    Very good soft feeling on the skin

  450. Cathy Caldwell

    Beautiful products, quick delivery time.

  451. Angela Goddard

    A fast delivery of a lovely oil that makes my skin glow, I’ve tried others but this is my fav oil now 5*

  452. Micheal Lau

    Highly Recommend.

  453. Sue Merry

    Swift response, received in 3days from order, one is for a friend, it’s lovely to use & absorbs in my dry 60+ skin quickly & feels lovely, hope it works on my fine lines.

  454. Marianne Curtis

    this is my second bottle i have purchased , its really nice , can use on face or body , highly recommended, can use to smooth hair also

  455. Kath Clinton

    I use argon oil and my skin is good. Recommended to six other people They are now using it. Staff all lovely

  456. Lesley Block

    Such an amazing product, so many uses, leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and glowing. A little bottle of golf. 🙂

  457. Katie

    The oil is lovely use, I was worried at first with having oily skin but its perfect, would definitely recommend to a friend

  458. Helen

    More than happy to write a review for this soothing oil. I used to use a moisturizer occasionally because I have dry sensitive skin but since finding this oil I make a point of using night and morning. I love the way it feels on my skin then soaks in so well and does not make your skin feel greasy. I do not want to be without this Simply Argan oil. Thank you

  459. Naila Parveen

    Great product, my hair is so smooth now. Thanks

  460. Marion Hamshaw

    Great products, use all the time wish I had used them years ago

  461. Nikki

    I have never come across a brand which gives such instant results, I tried a tiny sample sachet of turn back time oil and the very next morning my face was completely improved! After becoming hooked on this product I have slowly switched over the the full facial, skin and hair products and I am never disappointed! Each one is better than the last and I”m so thrilled with it I even treated every female I know to a bottle 🙂

  462. May Cheung

    The oil is like a multi care product. Suitable to use for head to toe. Love it on my hair!

  463. Evie Fletcher

    Simply argan is amazing, started to see results straight away!

  464. Anon

    Product just arrived, I haven’t tested yet but delivery was amazing!!

  465. Christine

    Been using Simply Argan products for ages now – since the days when the pure oil was all they sold. Every new product never fails to impress.

  466. Christine

    Dispatch is prompt. Can’t think of anything negative to say about any of their products. And for ladies of a certain age, the oil is safe, rejuvenating and very useful!

  467. Anon

    This was my second order from Simply Argan the delivery both times were extremely fast plus a money off voucher on your next order.The website was easy to navigate which is a plus for someone like me who is just beginning to order on line.

  468. Sandra Glover

    I love this Argan oil my skin feels lovely, brilliant stuff

  469. John Heinzel

    Simply put, ‘Simply Argan’ is the best place to get pure, organic argan oil!

  470. Susan Richardson

    Excellent customer service with fast delivery of amazing products.

  471. Marion Ahern

    Have been using Simply Argan Oil for a few years now and can say that it keeps my skin lovely and smooth and moisturised…. great product

  472. Nikki Foran

    I have never come across a brand which gives such instant results, I tried a tiny sample sachet of turn back time oil and the very next morning my face was completely improved! After becoming hooked on this product I have slowly switched over the the full facial, skin and hair products and I am never disappointed! Each one is better than the last and I’m so thrilled with it I even treated every female I know to a bottle 🙂

  473. Samantha Wilson

    Argan facial oil has been the best product I’ve ever used on my face and the results are quick. I can be very sure that anyone purchasing any argan oil won’t be disappointed. I will be sticking to argan oil for as long as I live as it’s outcome is amazing. Thanks argan oil team. 

  474. Samantha Fowles

    I have been a customer for a couple of years and have never been disappointed, either by the service or the products. I now use Argan+ range and the derma roller. The oils are gorgeous, easily absorbed, smell wonderful and they work. And I cannot recommend the roller enough. I am sure it is keeping the fine lines at bay, improved my frown lines and makes my skin GLOW! I wish Simply Argan would make a larger one for the body and I could really go to town on my tummy stretch marks.

  475. Tracy

    I brought this & had ran out now I’m back for more , I like known that their products are not tested on animals. Use this day and night, having more mature skin I’m finding oils sink into my skin better then creams . 

  476. Sue Barfoot

    I have previously used argan oil based products on my hair and was unaware that quality and the amount of oil used in manufacture can vary so dramatically. Browsing the internet I found Simply Argans site and decided to try a trial size of pure oil and wow what a different product this is – I am so impressed! My hair looks and feels so much better and am even using it on my skin (dry and sensitive).It is easily absorbed and is so economical in use- I will definitely be back for more and intend to try other products in the range

  477. Rachel Smith

    Amazing products, a little goes a long way and I’m loving discovering the range and have introduced my friends as well! 

  478. Elizabeth Waim

    I”ve used the self tanning mouse a couple of times now and I”m very pleased with the results. It gives a nice natural looking tan, which also smells nice (unlike most I”ve tried). I moisturised my skin before use and used a tanning glove to apply it. I”ll definitely buy this again.

  479. Julie

    Just love this product, super quality tan.

  480. Leia Adams

    I use the argan oil daily for lots of different things. My cuticles, hair, face and as I’m a nurse my hands get very dry from hand sanitiser and frequent washing. The argan oil is fantastic for my dry hands. Love it!

  481. Leia Adams

    I purchased the collagen eye gel and I am sooooo happy with it. It completely absorbs quickly with no residue or stickiness left on the skin. I’ve been using it for about 3 months now, most of the time morning and night and I still have about 1/3 of the bottle left. Each squirt is the perfect amount for both eyes. Packaging is clean, simple and looks smart. I love how I can see how much is left in it. Will definitely be repurchasing when it runs out!!!

  482. Samantha Wilson

    I received my first order yesterday and I’m so impressed of the outcome it leaves your face feeling. I would recommend it to any skin types as it works wonders and you won’t be disappointed as argan oil is simply the best! 

  483. Hayley Yates

    I have been using the simply argan night oil for a few months now and love it so much. Does not make skin greasy,has a beautiful smell to it and most importantly my skin looks and feels amazing. Has helped with my scaring (from spots) my skin feels and looks a lot smoother and even brighter

  484. Safina Parveen

    Great customer service and excellent quality of products.

  485. Laura Attrill

    Beautifully scented and silky smooth pure oil. This has worked wonders top to toe & is great as a hair treatment before washing it. A little goes a long way & I don”t know how I”ve managed without it!

  486. Sania Raja

    I received my order so quickly and started using it as soon as it arrived,I put it all over my skin (mostly focusing on my spotty forehead) and left it overnight for it to work,by the morning,my skin was so soft and my spots had decreased massively in size! I”m so impressed! Would 100% recommend to anyone and everyone with problematic skinthank you!!

  487. Kate Clayton

    Beautiful product! 

  488. L

    Simply Argan has undoubtedly the best customer service I”ve ever come across! Highly recommend! Thanks so much Simply Argan!

  489. Caroleo

    I first tried Argon oil as I heard it could help with eczema and after years of prescription creams having very little effect I have at last found the best solution with Argon oil. My eczema which is mainly on my face, outer ear and scalp has gone and the scarring from it has reduced over the months. The shampoo and conditioner have been a success too.I”m in my mid 70”sand my skin, hair and nails are in the best condition for years.Highly recommend the products and customer service.

  490. Susan Freestone

    I have been using the Argan oil for over 2 months now and I have seen a realdifference in my skin it is so much more softer and the wrinkles are lessnoticeable and my skin looks blighter. My lips are the best they have been in years so soft. But my biggest change is my nails I had terrible nails , which would be weak chip , peel and break , but now Wowthey are stronger, the peeling is gone and they have a healthy shine tothem. I have started adding the Argan oil in the bath and it isfantastic!!!! You have to try it yourself it will make you feel so soft andno dryness at all and it even leaves the bath clean without a film aroundthe edge. I am so pleased with the results of using Argan oil and I have myfamily and friends using it too. You too will notice the difference and youwont be disappointed. .I also wanted to talk about customer service, this company is brilliant atit , I have felt so valued and feel this company appreciates my custom. They act very quickly to your questions and any issues that you may have , iwish I could give more than 5 stars because 5 is not enough. I would liketo also say a personal thank you to Darren who is brilliant , helpful andknows how to deliver a excellent customer service, thank you so much Darren

  491. Shirley

    I was looking to use Argan oil and I did my research on the retailers that use pure 100% Argan oil. Very few retailers use 100%, it seems that it is mixed with many more products therefore the actual Argan oil is very small amount in the actual product. However I found Simply Argan and which seemed to be a legit retailer that sell real 100% Moroccan Argan oil. However, I was a bit concerned as all the websites say that Argan oil should be kept in a darkened bottle and Simple Argan”s did not have this therefore I emailled them with my concern and they reassured me that this is not the case. After further discussions and free trials I decided to give them a try and I can say without a shadow of doubt that this company is the best one to go to for your Argan Oil products. I cannot live without my Argan oil now and this company give a certificate of authenticity proving that the oil is 100% with nothing added to it. All the products are excellent and I cannot tell you just how much you will see a difference in your skin after using it regularly. I highly recommend this company and their products. I will never shop anywhere else for my Argan Oil and believe me when I say just how much I researched the retailers to make sure the products were genuine and 100%. If you are in doubt then please try them because I promise you you will never go to any other company after you use Simlpy Argan. Their customer service is also excellent. 5 star all the way. Shirley Matthews.

  492. Elaine

    This oil is great lovely and light and not greasy. I also have been using it on my nails which are very brittles and they are looking much better.

  493. Amanda

    Fantastic,easy to apply,I just used rubber gloves.went on quickly and easily,was able to get dressed in 5 mins, lovely Colorado and doesn”t have an unpleasant smell

  494. Stacey42

    Sumply Argan oil is an exceptional product I have used it on my face and body what a difference it has made skin is now soft and supple and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced on my scars the skin has improved remarkably. My surgeon was very impressed how quickly and well I it had repaired . A must have product which I use daily

  495. Naomi

    I have been using this product since December & its like no other! I am amazed with the glow it has brought me. No turning back to any other product. Thank you 🙂

  496. Nicola Michael

    The Simply Argan Oil is amazing. I use it everyday before bed on my elbows, knees and ankles. On my hair when it gets static after washing it. I even use it on my children”s skin to help with their eczema. It is such a fantastic all round oil. I love all the Simply Argan products. Many more reviews to come!

  497. Becky Taylor

    My stretch marks were starting to get me down so I bought the simply argan oil, coffee body scrub and the derma roller I”ve barley started using the them and I”ve already started to see results. I start by scrubbing my stomach with the scrub every time I shower and then derma roll for about ten mins and after apply the oil. I feel confident that this is the right treatment for me and would recommend to other mums with the same problem out there. I’m so glad I discovered this as I was starting to feel unhappy with the stretch marks I got from pregnancy. Felling positive now!! ?

  498. Amanda

    Love it,so many uses,face,hands ,nails,hair the list is endless,bast oil iv ever used and great value as a little goes a long way

  499. Susan

    Once again a great product from Simply Argan. It leaves a really nice golden sun kissed colour with a pleasant smell. Well done SA.

  500. Pavlos

    Great quality, great product! My mom loved it! Highly recommended!

  501. Satveer Kaur Rathore

    I have tried several different types of Argan Oil over the past few years, but Simply Argan has got to be my exclusive number one choice. The quality of the oil is so amazing, you can feel it as soon as it”s touched your skin. They are extremely good value for money. I would recommend trying this product for all skin types and various needs. You have got to try this out! It”s made using the finest, natural and quality ingredients. You can use the Simply Argan Oil in so many different ways. It smells as gorgeous as it makes your skin look and feel. Seriously a high quality product. I have had so much positive feedback from my family and friends who have tried this, they can”t thank me enough, for recommending it to them. The Simply Argan Oil infused products are amazing. I will keep you updated on my reviews, but you have got to try this for yourself. It”s also a great gift idea for your loved ones. The packaging of the products is so lovely. I feel like a kid on Christmas Day, when I got my box. It”s beautiful, elegant, sensational collection of products. The service is great too. Thank you to Darren for kindly giving me the opportunity to experience this amazing product range. You can check out more reviews at Beauty on Trial, facebook, Twitter, Instagram, pintrest, Mumsnet and various other online platforms. I would love to hear your experience with the products. So please do kindly let me know what you think. ????

  502. Lisa Young

    I am very new to the Argan range, however my partner surprised me at Christmas by buying a couple of the mini sets and a 50ml bottle of Argan Oil. I was unsure about using the oil on my face as I have quite sensitive skin, however cannot recommend highly enough! Skin feels like silk and I swear my laughter lines are reducing (or wishful thinking!).The team are extremely friendly and helpful and I have places another order today for the ”Pamper” Set and moisturiser

  503. Tan

    So pleased with my product so far great value for money proven progress within a few days confident in future purchases and waiting for my next ordee to arrive its now a start of a family affair??

  504. Kieran

    Argan Oil as always is great. The FND oil is very nice and has created a new interest in their products as it seems to work so well.

  505. Kieran

    Honey Hand WashLovely product with lovely scent.Mild, warm scent, soft to the skin.

  506. Kieran

    Hand SanitiserThis product works well, has a lovely smell and leaves the hands feeling protected. There is a mild and sweet fruity after scent. Seems to be antiseptic based and works great.

  507. J

    Have been using a luxury facial oil from another company but since using Simply Argan Oil all the dry patches on my skin have gone and my skin feels wonderful. Leaves skin feeling silky soft without any oily residue. Beautiful product!

  508. Satveer Rathore

    Absolutely amazing product, highly recommend this, great value for money, multiple uses, the benefits and results are fantastic. I would actually even give this, along with other products @simplyargan as a gift. My skin and hair are loving this, it””s pure, natural, luxurious, feels like your pampering yourself, relaxing, soothing, hydrating and just wonderful. I can””t wait to get myself to the new store in Manchester. If you haven””t tried this yet, you have no idea how much you missing out on. Buy it now! You won””t regret it. ??

  509. Nicola Rimmer

    Love the Argon night oil infact I love all of the Argon oil products that I have tried so far.Superior to shop stuff

  510. Stacey42

    Simply Argan oil is an exceptional product I have used it on my face and body what a difference it has made skin is now soft and supple and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced on my scars the skin has improved remarkably. My surgeon was very impressed how quickly and well I it had repaired . A must have product which I use daily 

  511. Kieran

    Hand Sanitiser This product works well, has a lovely smell and leaves the hands feeling protected. There is a mild and sweet fruity after scent. Seems to be antiseptic based and works great. 

  512. Kerrie

    A Nice oil simple and pleasant I use it for my hair and I leave it in & its very soft and managable, I”ve noticed the difference, I use around 2 full pumps as hair is quite dry a bottle will last long I think it”s worth the money as the quality appears good it . I would not usally spend so much on hair products but have been converted for now as its impressed me I also keep an eye out for deals which the company are very good at offering. A nice treat for myself and I will also look forward to using it for my baby daughter when the time is right as we both have curly hair which needs moisture @ this is not too heavy love the packaging as well I just need to hide from my little sis when she visitslol ??

  513. Nicola

    Night oil is fantasticSmells great and my skin has had no spots since I started using it

  514. Rachelle Buttigieg

    This product has all the benefits of Argan Oil in a handy 30ml bottle. It is a must in any handbag or overnight bag. The texture of this oil is wonderful and unlike other oils, it is non greasy and easily absorbed by the skin. I use it on my face and hair religiously! I also use it on my hands and feet when I need that extra bit of help.

  515. Rachelle Buttigierg

    I adore this Argan Oil. It is so versatile. I use it on my face and also leave it in my hair overnight before washing it. The price on the 100ml is excellent value.

  516. Celia

    One of the best products SA has done. I had a friend ask where I had been on my holiday the tan is that realistic!

  517. Jane

    Best tanner I have used. I won’t be going back to St Tropez after using this. Absolutely fantastic natural colour and love the fact there is argan oil so I know it is moisturising my skin.

  518. Lynda Payne

    I have fallen in love…This oil is beautiful, it smells natural & my skin just soaks it up but doesn”t leave an oily residue. I have tried other brands with argan oil in them but when I”ve looked at the ingredients it”s usually way, way down the list. I love the fact that EVERY batch is tested for potency & purity so I know exactly what is going on my skin. I have never bought a product before with that kind of honesty. It also works on my hair which is coloured & long, the ends drink it up & looks glossy.

  519. Sylvia

    I have been using Simply Argan”s Pure Organic Argan Oil for a while now. I had been using another brand which I really liked, but this is on another level! My skin feels so much smoother and the oil leaves no residue. The skin just drinks it in gleefully! A delight to use and gives quick, visible results. Perfect! x

  520. Daphne Thomas

    I started using Argon Oil 1 year ago now. I don’t use anything else on my face accept soap and water. What a difference. My skin is so soft and I am pretty sure the wrinkles are less noticeable. I recommend this product to anyone.  

  521. Bev

    I don’t usually leave reviews but I just had to after using this tanner. The most realistic tan that is on the market. 

  522. Tara Bothum

    The ‘ Cartier ‘ of Argan Oil Beauty Brands’ I tried Simply Argan’s ‘Turn Back Time’ pure formula a few years back and I was impressed by it’s ‘Multi- use’ Versatility and overall performance. The 100ml bottle was a gift from a friend and lasted longer than my usual skin & hair products put together due to the 100% purity of Argan Oil. A little goes a long way. I used it as a serum applying around the eye’s for night and after a manicure/pedicure treatments. I’ve also tried Argan and Violet shampoo and it’s definitely the best shampoo I’ve tried for my combination hair type. ?? Tara Cherie Bothun. 

  523. Jill Williamson

    Just received my argan oil today, well packaged and quick del even though it was a bank holiday, just used the oil on my face, nails hands, lips andI must say its lovely oil none greasy and my skin feels soft after one application I will be using it on my hair tonight, very happy 🙂

  524. Lesley Johnstone

    These products are second to none – my daughter, who has straight, waist-length dark hair, now only uses the shampoo and conditioner on her hair, which is kept silky, shiny and soft as a result – and it smells great! I, myself, swear by the argan oil from head to toe – my skin feels smoother, hydrated, revitalised and I feel younger. As an occasional sufferer of psoriasis, I have used it on patches when they come and find that these disappear more quickly using argan oil. Delighted with these whether the oil or hair products. Just about to try the hand wash which I ordered recently. 

  525. Alison Chisholm

    I have used the face products for many years after spending hundreds on other. This is the best I have used and it leaves your skin so soft and my wrinkles around my ayes are slowly diminishing. Keep up the good work guys 

  526. Dominika

    I love argan oil. Not only feel but look younger and don”t need to spend my money for other cosmetics, creams and makeup. If i don”t know what togive my best friends or mum for birthday present, I always buy argan oil.

  527. Loretta Smith

    Loved this oil, it’s great for my dry mature skin. Gave sample to my daughter for my twin grandsons eczema which seem to improve after use. 

  528. Jennifer Hinton

    Miracle oil! At the age of 59, with not very good skin – lots of enlarged pores – I started using Simply Argan Oil on my face and neck. After a few short weeks, what a difference. My skin feels so much better and looks firmer and smoother. I have received several comments on how much brighter I am looking. I have Psoriasis on my arms – or should I say “had”. After just a week of regular use twice daily the Psoriasis is hardly noticeable and the skin feels almost smooth. Hopefully after a few more weeks it will give up completely. I’m amazed and recommend the oil to virtually everyone I speak to. Fantastic product – it has made a huge difference to me. I have been known to kiss the bottle and thank it wholeheartedly!! 

  529. Kay Uddin

    really liked the product,its 100% pure which is what i look for in argan oil,gave me a free sample to try which was very thoughtful and appreciated.i would definately pass the word around about the product and would recommend. 

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